Reporting back on Emergency Funding to our Communities

By August 2, 2023 August 4th, 2023 Advocacy, Regional

Health and Opportunity Network (Thailand)

Due to the effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic, many people living with HIV(PLHIV) remain unemployed with a lack of income to cover necessary expenses, for instance, daily expenses, rent, water and electric bills, phone bills, and required medical treatment and health care.

Furthermore, there is also the need for other necessities, including surgical masks, hand sanitizer gel, condoms, lubricant, and other requirements for hygienic care.

Even though the situation has returned to normal, the pandemic’s long-term impacts on the economy, employment, and health still persist. HON realized that the situation creates unemployment, displacement, and disruption in medical treatment.

Therefore, HON requested emergency funding from APCOM Passion (50,000 Baht) to support their transportation and protection tools for the PLHIV group of 45 people, together with facilitating impact observation and searching for where the help was in need.

The helping operation is separated into 2 parts:

  • for supporting essential packages
  • supporting the fund for facilitating transportation to the hospital.

The helping operation included the volunteers conducting the field survey of the target group that needed help, buying necessities including food and drinks, and distributing them in the target area.

The fund is used in 3 separate parts which are:

  1. 22,500 baht for facilitating access to health care service and continuous medication, and
    for supporting protection tools and necessities.
  2. 5,000 baht to support management expenses, field volunteers, contacting cooperation,
    and transportation service fee.
  3. 22,500 baht to facilitate transportation for recipients to health care service, and support
    people in need of help.

The support form APCOM is also used to establish emergency funds facilitated by case conference or consultation which will consider case-by-case and provide support as needed that is suitable for the issues that the target group is facing.

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