Reporting back on Emergency Funding to our Communities

By August 2, 2023 August 4th, 2023 Advocacy, Regional

The LinQ Foundation (Myanmar)

Paing Soe Thu (or Afri), a transgender women, was suffering because it now is too hard to do her sex work. She was apprehended by the police and subjected to mistreatment at “Man Aung Kwat Thit” in Pyay for violating curfew restrictions. Moreover, her friend’s house, which server as her residence, was destroyed by the army. As sex work was Afri’s only source of income, she encountered difficulties in affording basic necessities such as rent and food.

Pisi (transgender man) In the current situation, there is no job, food is tight, there is no daily income, and because of domestic violence, he was evicted from his house. Now he is living outside with extremely difficult survival in daily life.

The LinQ Foundation stepped up to support 275 vulnerable LGBTQ individuals in Myanmar, providing them with vital food assistance and cash for a month. This helped to ease the burden of food insecurity and ensured that individuals and families were able to meet their basic needs.

Despite facing numerous challenges such as travel restrictions and the risk of arrest, the Foundation persevered and made sure that the assistance was delivered to those who needed it most.

The impact of the Foundation’s work extended beyond just providing material support. It resulted in increased trust in LGBTQ organizations, stronger community engagement, and improved emergency planning, all of which led to better protection for the most vulnerable members of the community.

It was a relief to see that the assistance provided by the Foundation also led to a reduction in domestic violence in households and less torture in prisons. This highlights the significant obstacles that victims of torture face in accessing support, such as food assistance and legal aid. The community can play a vital role in reducing the torture of prisoners, particularly in political prisons, by providing care and support during difficult situations.

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