S377A Repeal Statement

By September 30, 2022 Newsroom, Regional

June Chua,
Executive Director at T-Project,
2019 APCOM HERO Awards recipient for Health & Wellbeing Hero

We rejoice over the news of the repeal of section S377A of the Penal Code. We are immensely grateful to our minister and his cabinet for making this bold and significant decision of creating an inclusive Singapore based on equality and Love.

This is not only a celebratory news for the LGBT community but a victory for all humanity. We hope this acknowledge of our existence will helped the LGBT community who had lived in a climate of hostility and disadvantages and have suffered immeasurable trauma, will begin a slow process of healing as there is still a long way and a lot of battles to win towards a society of equality regardless of Race, Language, Gender identity and Sexuality.

However, we urged the government not to ignored the needs of the transgender community and with the suggested changes to the constitution on the protection of heterosexual marriage, to uphold and recognize the historical family nucleus of transgender father and mother and transgender children.

With the successful repeal of S377A, we urged our government and our fellow brothers and sisters to continue to work hard for the transgender community in terms of housing, healthcare and non-discriminatory practice in the workplace.

We want to acknowledge all LGBT organisations and individuals who worked tirelessly to advocate for the repeal of S377A, especially the brave activist who are no longer with us. We salute you; we share this victory with you. Your selfless sacrifice will not be forgotten.

“No one is free until everyone is free”

holds a special meaning for us at The T Project. Thank You Marsha P. Johnson for throwing the first brick for equality and humanity.

24 August 1945 – 6 July 1992

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