The Second Season of Thailand’s Most Viral Gay-health Webseries GAYOK Bangkok Has Just Been Launched

By March 21, 2017 Newsroom

GayOK Bangkok Season 1, which was released in 2016, has magnetised viewers with its relatable storyline revolved around gay men. The series was proven to be strongly successful, not only in Thailand but also in overseas such as Philippine, Malaysia, China, Indonesia and Vietnam. This March, TestBKK, APCOM’s HIV testing campaign targeting young gay men in Bangkok, in collaboration with the same filmmaker Trasher Bangkok, has released the webseries’ second season. Not even 24 hours after the teaser was released, feedback showed that Season 2 would be even more enthralling and controversial than its predecessor. This season, the webseries is endorsed by Blued gay social media application and an online broadcast channel, LINE TV.

In Season 2, the story continues to display the lives that have to go on between two gay bestfriends, Arm and Pom, who, in the previous season, were caught up in the feud of liking the same guy – Nut, a cooking teacher living with HIV. Off and Big, a couple with a wide age gap, on the other hand, are struggling to sustain their relationship.

Besides being entertaining, GAYOK Bangkok Season 2 continues to convey its messages through multiple relationships of its characters as well as its endeavours to deliver sexual health and HIV knowledge. The second season consists of 7 episodes and will be broadcasted every Sunday at 8 p.m. via LINE TV starting March 19.

Nut, portrayed by Tengnueng Piyapabhakorn
Since we have only scene his single side on the first season, his character will be revealed more deeply this season. In the second season, it’s not Nut’s loveliness that draws our attention but rather his controversy. Disputable topics such as sex and family will come to the surface. The audience will see how prepared he is when he has to face against his brother. However, perhaps the most essential element displayed is that even someone who is infected by HIV could normally live in a society, loved and be loved by others as well as others. The actor himself said that it was a valuable lesson performing this character because he was given an opportunity to develop acting skill as well as having a better understanding of HIV.

Arm (rigth), portrayed by Ten Darnkhuntod
Perhaps the most beloved and repelled character in the series, Arm is a handsome guy who overuses his masculine charms to obtain what he wants, without caring about others. The infamous incident when he stole his friend’s crush from the first season was not his most notorious act yet. In the second season, he is about to take a large stride. Arm is expected to have the heaviest hurdle of all the characters – falling in love with someone he should not, struggling with his newly stable career as well as dealing with a person whom he could never get along with.

Pom (left), portrayed by Frame Mahaniranont
Voted as the most pitiful character from the audiences as his crush was stolen by his bestfriend and kept on failing in his love life. The audiences who stand on his side may rejoice this season. Pom will be having a boyfriend. However, the drama would soon sink into his relationship as he finds out the twist from his new boyfriend.

Off, portrayed by Kun Mookdasanit
After enduring heartache as his much-younger boyfriend (Big) left him, Off starts dating someone who falls under the “same tribe”. His ex-boyfriend, however, returned and begged for forgiveness. The question is, will he be able to mend his broken heart?


Big, portrayed by Snooker Paween Nalieng
From a boy who got stuck in a lifeless relationship turned a prodigal son, Big, is a guy who seeks redemption for what he had done. Being naive and young, he has no clue which way is right or wrong. He simply wants to be loved by his ex, Off, once again as well as standing on his own legs without leaning on others – as he used to be.

+ TestBKK’s “GayOK Bangkok” season 1 and season 2 can now be watched on TestBKK’s channel at LINE TV (for viewers based in Thailand).

+ The episodes of Season 1, available with English caption, are also available at TestBKK’s YouTube channel.

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