Sign on the Second Durban Declaration

By July 2, 2016 Advocacy

There has been remarkable progress in our response to AIDS since the global HIV community last convened in Durban in 2000. Curbing the spread of HIV was the first step. Accelerating investment and action on a robust human rights and social justice agenda is the next.

Despite significant scientific advancements, we continue to encounter structural barriers that impede real world progress. Realizing the promise of scientific achievement requires a greater commitment to removing barriers between discovery and implementation. The 21st International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2016) must bring these pieces together – the key scientific advances needed to end the epidemic and the key structural barriers impeding progress – and secure greater political commitment including financial resources to get the job done.


Focussing on the five key scientific advances

  1. Ensure access to antiretroviral therapy for all people living with HIV
    The benefits of early and sustained antiretroviral therapy (ART) for the health of people living with HIV and treatment as prevention in the overall population are undeniable and broadly recognized. We must ensure that on diagnosis ART access for all people living with HIV becomes a reality despite resource constraints.
  2. Scale up modern combination HIV prevention packages
    Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and voluntary medical male circumcision are major breakthroughs in HIV prevention science. They should complement the benefits of universal ART and must remain a priority. Long-acting and more convenient prevention methods such as injectable PrEP should be further developed to become an integral part of today’s combination HIV prevention package.
  3. Treat and manage co-infections and co-morbidities
    Morbidity and mortality in people living with HIV is increasingly driven by co-infections and co-morbidities. A range of new technologies and drug options have been developed which now need to be fully scaled up, notably, for hepatitis C and tuberculosis HIV co-infections. Non-communicable diseases like diabetes and hypertension are another important area of linkage requiring attention.
  4. Amplify research efforts for a vaccine and a cure
    Preventive vaccine strategies and sustained HIV remission while off ART remain paramount to achieving definitive and economically-sustainable epidemic control. The recent progress in vaccine development and HIV cure research should be accelerated, driven by the necessary resources and motivation to consign AIDS to history.
  5. Optimize implementation research
    Implementation science should increasingly become the cornerstone for realising access, acceptability, uptake, and sustained adherence across the HIV cascade. This will include leveraging differentiated models of care and other innovative approaches to translate science into long-term, sustainable and equitable progress.

Addressing the five key structural barriers

  1. Focus on key populations within and across various HIV epidemic scenarios
    Key populations – men who have sex with men, transgender people, sex workers and people who inject drugs – are disproportionately affected by HIV and among these groups there has been a recent resurgence in HIV infections. National responses should create an enabling environment and increase their access to HIV services across the cascade – including for adolescent key populations.
  2. Address gender inequality and empower young women and girls
    Socially-embedded inequalities render young women and girls – including transgender women – particularly vulnerable to HIV infection. We need a global plan for ending the epidemic among them that includes ensuring multi-sectoral policy and programmatic synergy and embraces sexual and reproductive health and rights.
  3. Challenge laws, policies and practices that stigmatize and discriminate against people living with HIV and key populations
    It is long past time to amend and remove laws, policies and practices that inappropriately regulate (e.g. violation of sexual and reproductive rights), control (e.g. entry, stay and residence restrictions), punish (e.g. criminalization of HIV non-disclosure, exposure and transmission) and/or fail to protect (e.g. criminalization of homosexuality, sex work and drug use; lack of protection from violence) key populations and people living with HIV in many contexts.
  4. Increase investment in civil society and community lead responses
    Civil society – as activists, advocates and service providers – has long been the backbone of the AIDS response, ensuring greater accountability and action from political leaders to address the epidemic. In many settings, these groups are under siege by restrictive laws and funding cuts. The global HIV community must stand in solidarity with civil society and reaffirm its place in the HIV response.
  5. Enhance capacity of frontline healthcare workers
    Ensure that frontline healthcare workers have what they need to provide client-centred care through national roll out of quality pre- and in-service training. This should include addressing stigma and discrimination which is often considered one of the most significant barriers to accessing HIV services.

We, the undersigned, agree that the return of the conference to Durban this year will be a defining moment to establish a clear path toward guaranteeing that no one is left behind in the AIDS response. When we write the history of the epidemic, let it be that in Durban in 2016 we seized the opportunity to alter the course of this epidemic forever.


Now, more than ever we must ensure Access Equity Rights – Now!

Signed,Chris Beyrer, Johns Hopkins University

Chris Beyrer, Johns Hopkins University
Sharon Lewin, The Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity
Francoise Barré-Sinoussi, Institut Pasteur
Owen Ryan, International AIDS Society
Olive Shisana, Evidence Based Solutions
Linda-Gail Bekker, The Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation
Muganzi Alex Muganga, IAS Governing Council
Mark Wainberg, McGill University
Judith Auerbach University of California San Francisco
Peter Reiss, Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam, and HIV Monitoring Foundation, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Mark Feinberg, IAVI
Peter Piot, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
Anton Pozniak, SSAT/ Chelsea and Westminster Hospital
Kenneth Mayer, Fenway Health
Kevin Osborne, International AIDS Society
Horacio Salomon, Instituto de Investigaciones Biomédicas en Retrovirus
Ada Adimora, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Sergii Dvoriak, Ukrainian Institute on Public Health Pol
Jens Lundgren, University of Copenhagen
Jürgen Rockstroh, University Hospital Bonn
Adeeba Kamarulzaman, University of Malaya
Mauro Schechter, Projeto Praça Onze
Stefano Vella, Istituto Superiore Di Sanita – Rome
Memory Muturiki, International AIDS Society
Nealon DeVore, International AIDS Society
Andrew Brett, International AIDS Society
Lina Golob, International AIDS Society
Idun Strand, International AIDS Society
Catherine Berner McClain, International AIDS Society
Rosanne Lamplough, International AIDS Society
Anthony Nguyen, International AIDS Society
Gearóid Fitzmaurice, International AIDS Society
Matthieu Savy, International aids society
Marlene Bras, Journal of the International AIDS Society
Megan Warren, International AIDS Society
Marissa Vicari, International AIDS Society
Isabelle Fontaine, International AIDS Society
Pascal Muriset, International AIDS Society
Stephen Boswell, Fenway Health/Harvard Medical School
Erika Lundström, International AIDS Society
Sarah Watt, International AIDS Society
Marta Lopes, International AIDS Society
Dario Porru, International AIDS Society
Sophie Andriol, International AIDS Society
Gwendoline de la Kethulle, International AIDS Society
Laura Fernandez Diaz, International AIDS Society
Lotte Zoetmulder, International AIDS Society
Anna Grimsrud, International AIDS Society
Kristina Collins, International AIDS Society
Manu Ndlovu, International AIDS Society
Tara Mansell, International AIDS Society
Mandy Sugrue, International AIDS Society
Timothy Mastro, FHI 360
Kelley Lennon, FHI 360
Kerstin Gürtler, International AIDS Society
Reena Rajasuriar, Centre of Excellence for Research in AIDS
Maria Theresa Anthony, Centre Of Excellence For Research In AIDS, University Of Malaya
Nuruljannah Nor Azmi, University of Malaya
Rumana Saifi, CERiA, University of Malaya
Jasmin Jalil, Malaysian AIDS Foundation
Jean Pierre Fort, International AIDS Society
Tamara Torri, International AIDS Society
Nelli Bazarova, International AIDS Society
Mercy Odhiambo, International AIDS Society
Gabrielle Arfaoui, International AIDS Society
Diddie Schaaf, International AIDS Society
Vanessa Tracey, International AIDS Society
Birgit Poniatowski, International AIDS Society
Sebastien Morin, International AIDS Society
Lucy Benoit, International AIDS Society
Khulani Chiliza, International AIDS Society Durban Local Office
Uli Piest, Consultant
Lucy Mears, International AIDS Society
Shamsa Abdulrasak, International Aids Society
Caroline Cardona, International AIDS Society
Joe Entwistle, International AIDS Society
Vadim Klorfine, OST Programm Poltava Ukraine
Jeanne Mencier, International AIDS Society
Laura-Anna Frühwald, International AIDS Society
Marco Simonelli, friends of the global fund europe – italy
Alex Douliot, International AIDS Society
Katalin Kiss, International AIDS Society
Refilwe Mosia, International AIDS Society Durban Local Office
Olivia Mettler, International AIDS Society
Shelly Shochat, International AIDS Society
Filipa Marques, International AIDS Society
Anton Basenko, Alliance for Public Health, INPUD, ENPUD
Cheick Tidiane Tall, Réseau EVA
Charles Siwela, Youth Engage (Zimbabwe )
Jorrit Kabel, Aids Fonds
Yves Yomb, Africagay contre le sida
Tatiana Mouhebati, STI AIDS Netherlands
Parfait Behen, Alternatives Cameroun
Alexandra Phaëton, Coalition PLUS
Paul Sagna, IHAA
Souhaila Bensaid, Association Tunisienne de Prevention Positive
Alastair Hudson, FPA
Eva Roos, Aids Fonds
Hans Schuppert, Aids Fonds
Marga Broodwinner, Aids Fonds (NL)
Mary Hommes, Aids Fonds – Soa Aids Nederland
Nicolas RITTER, Prevention Information et Lutte contre le Sida (PILS)
Mitchell Warren, AVAC
Niall Mulligan, HIV Ireland
M de Jong, Aids Fonds
Martine Weve, STOP AIDS NOW!
Irina Lut, Family Planning Association
Andrew Dalton, Thrive NE
Lois Thoms
Fred Bladou, Aides/Gaïa/IAS
Michaël Kensenhuis, Aids Fonds – STOP AIDS NOW!
Lisa Thorley, Terrance Higgins Trust
Elske van Putten, Aids Fonds
Baptiste Fontaine, International AIDS Society
Laura Sharp, Office for psychosocial research
Breda Gahan, Concern Worldwide
Tijana Zegura, Juventas
Ricky Gunawan, LBH Masyarakat
Drazen Zegura, Montenegrin Harm Reduction Network Link
Jamila Headley, Health Global Access Project
Carl Schmid, The AIDS Institute
Wim Vandevelde, GNP+
Wilson Box, Zimbabwe Civil Liberties and Drug Network
Angelle Chapman, Aids Fonds
Steven Ellington
Luís Mendão, EATG/GAT/European CSF on HIV/AIDS
Vera Da Ros, REDUC Brazilian Harm Reduction&Human Rights Networ
Gerhard Peters
Rokonol Rabbi, Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS
Stephen Talugende, UN DPKO
Marama Pala, INA (Māori, Indigenous and South Pacific) HIV/AIDS foundation
Yogan Pillay, National Department of Health
Morgane AHMAR, ALCS (Maroc)
Catherine Hankins, Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development
Monique Montenarie, Aids Fund Netherlands
Rita Wahab, MENA Rosa
Rita Wahab, Vivre Positif
Anne Dankert, Aids
Positive Strokes, Positive Strokes swim team
Casper W Erichsen, Positive Vibes Trust
Enrique Chavez, Observatorio Latino / AID FOR AIDS
Ruth Morgan Thomas, Global Network of Sex Work Projects
Gemma Oberth, University of Cape Town
Mike Podmore, STOPAIDS
George Ayala, MSMGF (the Global Forum on MSM & HIV)
Hinda Abbou, Gates Foundation
Jonathan Gunthorp, Southern African AIDS Trust
Asmin Fransiska, Indonesian Coalition for Drug Policy Reform
Pye Jakobsson, Rose Alliance
Manuel Izdebski, Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe
Heide Jimenez Davila, Groupe sida Genève
Harm Reduction Coalition
juliet Akumu, sauti skika
Angeline Chiwetani, Widows Fountain of Life
Taurayi Nyandoro, Zimbabwe Aids Network (ZAN)
Onwa Somtsewu, TheDesmond Tutu HIV Foundation
S SAMRAJ, Christian AIDS/HIV National Alliance (CANA)
Bruno Spire, Inserm
Baningi Mkhize, DTHF, University of Cape Town
andre uwayezu wiceceka, christian support organization
Salim Issa Aids Fonds
Sophie Baillon, Coalition PLUS
Wafa Djelssi, vice president du GS++ / ATL
Mohamed Msefer, ITPC Mena
Marsha Sandiford, Care Barbados
Tyler Crone, ATHENA
Krista Martel, The Well Project
Modupe Okunola, MPH Student
Eve Mendel, Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation
Ieske Kuppens, Aids Fonds
Manjula Ramaiah, Ashodaya Samithi
Aurelien Beaucamp, Aides
Richard Elliott, Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network
Joan Chamungu Msuya, Tanzania Network of Women living with HIV
Ntando Yola, Advocacy for Prevention of HIV and AIDS
Jo Jefferies, Public health services for Berkshire
Wouter Kruijs, International AIDS Society
Evelyn Letio, National Empowerment of Positive Women United (NEPWU)
romina quercia, VHC
Arthur Miller, CAAN
David Margolis, UNC HIV Cure Center
Robert Reinhard, Canadian HIV Cure Enterprise
Michel Alary, CHU de Québec – Université Laval
Daniel Blanc, International AIDS Society
Dr Desire Habonimana, MD University of Burundi, Yowli Burundi
millicent Atujuna, Desmond Tutu HIV Centre
Joseph Tucker, UNC Project-China
Jeffrey Klausner, UCLA
Filomena Aguiar, Fundação Portuguesa “A Comunidade Contra a Sida”
Rukia farah, indegeous community of muslim women living with HIV in kenya
Arumugam Sankar, EMPOWER INDIA
Muriel Mac-Seing, University of Montreal
Katherine Brouhard, Abt Associates
Tez Anderson, Let’s Kick ASS-AIDS Survivor Syndrome
Sébastien Sabbagh, Canadian HIV Cure Enterprise (CanCURE)
Marilia Santini-Oliveira, Fiocruz
Michel Bourrelly, CRIPS ÎLE DE FRANCE
dieuwke bosmans, Aids Fonds
Alla Volokha Shupyk, National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education
Cyprien Habakurama, Prive
Jose Valdez Madruga, CRT-DST/AIDS Sao Paulo
Uzoamaka Uja, Ministry of Health,Abia State
Arda Karapinar, Red Ribbon İstanbul
Philippe Van de Perre, University Montpellier
Txema Calleja, WHO
Roberto Gulminetti, Dipartimento of Infectious Diseases – IRCCS Policlinico San Matteo – University of Pavia – Italy
Steffanie Strathdee, Ucsd
Catherine Thompson, Abt Associates
Alfred osoti, University of Nairobi
Sandro Vento, Nazarbayev University, Astana, Kazakhstan
Lionel Hillard Dallas Ryan White Planning Council, & Research
Francois Dabis, Bordeaux University
Marie-Louise Newell, University of Southampton
Anthony Harries, International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, Paris, France
Adamson Munthali,
Diane DalleMolle, Cabrini Ministries, Swaziland
Rev. Michael Schuenemeyer, United Church of Christ HIV & AIDS Network (UCAN)
Alessandra Nilo, Gestos-HIV, Communication and Gender
Charlene Dezzutti, University of Pittsburgh/Microbicide Trials Network
William K. Maina, WHO
Najibullah Safi, Ministry of Public Health
Heng Gee Lee, Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Carina Cesar, Fundacion Huesped
samuel olowookere, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria
Cyprien Habakurama, Prive
Pepe Alcami, Instituto de Salud Carlos III. Coordinator Spanish AIDS Research Network
Sue Willard, Rutgers university/association of nurses in AIDS care
Martin Choo, Kuala Lumpur AIDS Support Services (KLASS)
Izidoro Sunday, National Medical Stores
Donald Kilby, University of Ottawa Health Services
Djurica Stankov, AS – Center for the Empowerment Youth of people who are living with HIV and AIDS
Dwight Ferris, Kelowna General Hospital
Mervyn Silverman, amfAR
Delroy Anthony, Rattray ministry of Health
Christoph Boesecke, University Hospital Bonn
Nenad Lucic, Serbian CSF on HIV/AIDS (FOCDHA)
Nicolas Chomont, Université de Montréal
Abdul Nasser, Kaadan Aleppo Univesity
Knud Schewe, ICH Hamburg
Diego Cecchini, Hospital Argerich
Steven Gibson
Loren Jones, pWN-usa
James Moos, United Church of Christ
knut seifert, international aids society
Louise van Deth, Aids Fonds – STOP AIDS NOW!
Chhetra Gurung, NFWLHA
Emily Field, Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Epidemiology Center
Bradford McIntyre
Alexander Flett, Lochfergus House Arts
Surya Rao Kutikuppala, Center for policy studies on HIV/AIDS research and Prevention
Jean-Pierre Routy, McGill University Health Centre
Emily Namey, FHI 360
Tamirirashe Mahwire, Department of Health South Africa
Amanda Lugg, African Services Committee
Sergio Farfán, LLHC/CrescentCare New Orleans
Jorge Angel Benetucci, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de Buenos Aires

Joel Gallant, Southwest CARE Center
Elena Obieta, Hospital de Boulogne/HIV AIDS Alliance Key Correspondent
Malcolm King, Simon Fraser University
Rev. Dr. John C. Dorhauer, United Church of Christ
Valeria Saraceni, Rio de Janeiro City Health Secretariat
Kay Marshall
Jeff Taylor, Coachella Valley Collaborative Research Initiative
Filippo von Schloesser, Nadir/EATG
John Greenspan, UCSF
Anindita Mukherjee, AVACARE HEALTH
Richard Stranz, AIDES
Lindsey Richardson, British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS
Brandon Marshall, Brown University
Juliet Nyati, Akao
Ann Gottert, Population Council
Bernhard Haas, LKH Graz Sued-West, Standort West
Juliet Nyati, Akao
Sai Ko Ko Zaw, SPECTRUM, Mandalay PLHIV networks
Nicole Frahm, HIV Vaccine Trials Network
Yves Yomb, Africagay contre le sida
Parfait Behen, Alternatives Cameroun
Abiola Alaba-Foluso, Health Implementation Program ,Nigerian Ministry of Defence
Jan Muhammad, Pakistan Television Network
Sarah Jackson, PWN-USA-Louisiana
Marybeth McCauley, FHI 360
Patrick Li, Hong Kong AIDS Foundation
Peggy Johnston, Temple Group Strategy + Communications ULC
Ronald Valdiserri, Johns Hopkins University
Hon Stephen Mule, Kenya National Assembly
Peter Williams, Janssen Global Public Health
Wangari Tharao, Women’s Health in Women’s Hands CHC
Ian Tietjen, Simon Fraser University
Matthias Egger, University of Bern
Andrew Phillips UCL:
Raphael Taty Taty, Cabinet du Dr Raphael Taty Taty
Judith Feinberg, West Virginia Univ, HIVMA
Julio Mendez, Mayo Clinic Florida
David Fisk, Sansum Clinic
Sofia Gruskin, Program on Global Health and Human Rights, University of Southern California
Éric A. Cohen, Institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal (IRCM)
R Correia de Abreu, ULS Matosinhos, EPE
Rebecca Sebikejje, IdI
Martha Tholanah, Positive Women Zimbabwe
Robert Zangerle, Austrian HIV Cohort Study
Antonio Muscatello, San Gerardo Hospital – Milano-Bicocca University
Theresa Gamble, FHI 360
Margaret Hellard, Burnet Institute
Rebecca Sebikejje, Infectious Disease Institutee(IDI) Mulago
Masenyani Shilumani, Retired
Yvonne Santini, St Stephens AIDS Trust
Zengani Chirwa, Jhpiego Malawi
April Randhawa, Fred Hutch
Akubuike Okara, Partners on Health Resources
Marie Theunissen, Famcru
Seilavath Ros, Cambodia National AIDS Authority, member of Internatioal AIDS Society
Rafael Ballester-Arnal Universitat Jaume I de Castellón
Graciela Guaragna, Clínica Santa María
Dennis Sifris, South African HIV Clinician Society
Graciela Guaragna, Clínica Santa María
Nesha Haniff, University of Michigan
Jan van Lunzen, ViiV Healthcare
Stephen Spector, University of California San Diego
Ernest Ekong, Institute of Human Virology, University of Maryland
Olena Fridrikh, Cherkassy regional branch of All-Ukrainian charity organization «All-Ukrainian Network of people living with HIV»
Frank Arteaga, MANODIVERSA
Lata Mishra, Mumbai Mirror, The Times of India group
Zibisani Moalosi, Ministry of Health
Raoul Ngoy mukulumpe, Unaids
Tariro Kutadza, DAPP
Xiao Mei Kuang, Simon Fraser University
Neel Arant Bandy, Duke University
Hannah Olivet, CRI
Getrude Ncube, Ministry of Health
Joseph De Wet, University of British Columbia Canada
Henry Ijeoma, ICARH
Ermane Garcia, Robin PNLS/MSPP
Ayesha Kharsany, CAPRISA
Justina Mutale, POSITIVE RUNWAY: Global Catwalk to Stop the Spread of HIV/AIDS
Ayesha Kharsany, CAPRISA
Natella Rakhmanina, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation
Mabel Bianco, Fundación para Estudio e Investigación de la Mujer -FEIM
Lara Cousins, Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights (WGNRR)
Bronwen Dinsmore, Health Outreach Program
Janet Hall, SisterLove, Inc.
Kate MacQueen, FHI 360
Ponnu swami Jeyasingh, Chrisian Mission Hospitall
Abdul Rasheed Rasheed, Youth Health and Development Organization
Bada Pharasi, Management Sciences for Health
Renslow Sherer, University of Chicago
Paul Ndebele, Medical Resrarch Council of Zimbabwe
Fatou.M. Jatta, Santa Yala Support Society
Steven Schnittman
Robinson Cabello, Via Libre
Rodney VanDerwarker, Fenway Health
Vanessa Ho, Project X
Daniel Pryluka, Hospital Velez Sarsfield
Elizabeth James, University of Michigan
julius owoyemi, kogi state university
joseph aluoch, kenya HIV SOCIETY
Michael Neuroth, UCC Justice and Witness
Paula Lum, University of California, San Francisco
Giove Bevacqua, Positifs-Onlus
Ayobami Precious, ADEKOLA JRC Health Club
Graciela Touze, Intercambios Asociación Civil
Miguel Angel, Saurin Romero, Asociación Civil Cambio y Accion
Mirjam Musch, HIVOS
David Shepp, Northwell Health
giuseppina Liuzzi, National Institute for Infectious Diseases “Lazzaro Spallanzani” Rome
Nompumelelo Zungu, HSRC
ashraf grimwood, kheth’Impilo
Katharine Kripke, Avenir Health
Héctor Pérez, Fernández Hospital
David Evans, Project Inform
Kristin Razzeca, PAMF
Lizzy Walker, ACRT
Kenneth Pinkela, SERO Project
Bryan Okiya, National AIDS Control Council -Kenya
Pat Abraham, udoh Ohotu dimond women initiative
Dédé Oetomo, APCOM
peter mwangi wangu, MAXFACTA
Julie Bruneau, Université de Montréal
Hiba Alhassin Mohamed Osman, Ministry of health/preventive medicine
adefunke adesope, national primary health care development agency
Parmindar Lotay, Pharm Access Africa Limited
Kevin Robertson, UNC
Rainer Ganschow, University of Bonn
Sheila Morris, NHS
Tendai Nyamurowa, PAPWC-ZIM
Pieter Jooste, Kimberley Hospital
michael cavnaugh, HIV Experience Resources Organization
Jared Baeten, University of Washington
Nathaniel Winata, Immunodeficiency Clinic at St. Pauls Hospitall
Carmen Dorobat, Clinical infectious diseases hospital
Ulf-Arne Hentschke-Kristal, Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe e.V.
Daniel Fierer, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Edward Greene, UN
Barbara Shacklett, University of California, Davis
Giorgio Barbarini, IRCCS San Matteo Pavia ITALIA
isabel nunes, Seres (con) viver com o VIH
Richard Chaisson, Johns Hopkins University
Tomislav Vurusic, EATG
Michael O’shaughnessy, Retired
Hilary Elliott, Grandmothers Advocacy Network
Fiona Bisshop
Ricardo Barradas
Gaetano Marrone, Karolinska Institutet
Mark Boyd, The Kirby Institute
Derick Mandhla, taczhaaubyo .org
Leandro Cahn, Fundación Huésped
Prasada Rao, J V R United Nations
Robert Birch, University of Victoria
Charles Walworth Nyingchuo Hilary Diangha, Cameroon Centre for Investigative Journalism
jen deese, FHI 360
Ricardo Alberto, Mackintosh CEMIC
Jill Gilmour, Iavi
Tinashe Mudzviti, Newlands Clinic
Gildon Beall, Harbor-UCLA, MSF
Marie Marcelle, Deschamps GHESKIO
Julio Cesar Aguilera Hurtado, Fundación Hábitat Verde
Dominic Dwyer, Westmead Hospital, Australia
Charles kouanfack, yaounde central hospital
rebecca mckee
Marla Allen
Thanyawee Puthanakit, Chulalongkorn University
Oanh Khuat, Center for Supporting Community Developm
Shinichi Oka, National Center for Global Health and Medicine
Carlos Magis-Rodriguez, Censida
Suzanne Zhou n/a
Yen-Chin Chen, National Cheng Kung University
Mary Upton, The Open University UK
Darren Russell, Cairns Sexual Health Service
Tex McKenzie, Victorian AIDS Council
David Anderson, Burnet Institute
Teiichiro Shiino, National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Japan
Levinia Crooks, Australasian Society for HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Health Medicine
Kimberly Green, PATH
Alberto Colorado, acTBistas
Yvette Driver
Kent Burgess, Victorian AIDS Council
Fabrice Gerard, Feelance consulting
Wendy Brokenshire, Victorian AIDS Council
Alex Zerna, Victorian AIDS Council
Mobumo Kiromat, Clinton Health Access Initiative Papua New Guinea
Michael Louella, defeatHIV
Brent Allan, Living Positive Victoria
John Hall, Victorian AIDS Council
Elisabeth Wilkinson, ASHM
Archana Sud, Nepean Hospital
Maiava Blackwell, PWN
John Dyer, Fiona Stanley Hospital, Western Australia
Elsa Chia, ICWAP
Gerry O’Brien, VAC
Paul Whyte, Gel Works
Hugo Soudeyns, Centre de recherchedu CHU Sainte-Justine, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Pradeep Jayashantha, Sri Lanka Air Force/Griffith University
Kathleen Ludwig
Lucie Perrissel, ASHM
Eleanor Frederick, Antigua & Barbuda HIV/AIDS Network Inc.
Vara Ouk, Calmette hospital Cambodia
John Mills, Monash Uni & The Alfred Hospital
Phil Carswell, AIDS Historian
Adolphe Luponga, FORU SIDA RDC
Lee Storrow, North Carolina AIDS Action Network
Bernard Gardiner, University of Queensland & Queensland AIDS Council
Trevor Cullen, Edith Cowan University
Shawn Clackett, Pacific Friends of the Global Fund
Carine Van Lint, University of Brussels (ULB)
Sheng-Fan Wang, Department of Medical Laboratory Science and Biotechnology
Jaime Andrade-Villanueva, CUCS, Universidad de Guadalajara
Eugene Kroon, SEARCH, Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre
Robert Schooley, University of California, San Diego
Michele Delaforce, Cairns Sexual Health Service
Carrie Foote, Indiana University
Luis Alfonso Maldonado, ARTEAGA ECUAAMERICAN
Nitasha Kumar, Emory university
Susan M. Graham, University of Washington
Marisol Valenzuela, Lara Censida
Vladanka Andreeva
Neema Makyao, NACP
Rob Newells, AIDS Project of the East Bay
Trent Yarwood, ASHM
Tendani Muthambi, ONE Campaign
Luis Sanchez, COESIDA NL
Jean-Lambert Mandjo, Aholoma
Murray Penner, NASTAD
Isaac Sekitoleko, Makerere University- Case Western Reserve University collaboration
Deirdre Byrne, VAC
Muzamil Makhdoomi, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi
David Ostrow, David Ostrow Consulting
Jean-Claude Vimpy-kula, Roche Diagnostics
Joshua Wamboga, Uganda Network of AIDS Service Organisations (UNASO)
naina Rani, WHO Country Office, India
Christoph Mayr, DAIG/ dagnä
Rosalind Coleman
Bhawani Kusum, Gram Bharati Samiti (GBS)
Andrew Robinson, North West Provincial Department of Health
Basil Donovan, Kirby Institute, UNSW Australia
Matti Ristola, Helsinki University Hospital
Wamala Twaibu, Ugnda Harm Reduction Network(UHRN)
Santiago Moreno, Hospital Universitario Ramon Y Cajal
Harriet Ndagire, Strengthening TB and HIV&AIDS responses in East Central Uganda
Don Baxter, Global Forum on MSM & HIV
Luc Denys, Johnson&Johnson
Dattatray Saple, Human Healthcare Research Foundation
Odera Perez, Community Initiative Support Services
Deenan Pillay, Africa Centre for Population Health
Edinah Mudimu, University of South Africa
Mohammed Majam, Wits RHI
Peter van Rooijen, International Civil Society Support
Pierre de Truchis, APHP Hopital R Poincare, Entraide Santé 92, Garches, France
Clotilde Fontier, CH Valenciennes
Aabida Khan, NHLS Virology, University of Cape Town
celine aubin, ViiVHealthcare
Thomas Rehle, Human Sciences Research Council & University of Cape Town
Willy Rozenbaum, St Louis University Hospital
Shamsa Abdulrasak, International Aids Society
Anita Sands, WHO
Daniel Podzamczer, Hospital de Bellvitge

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