Director’s Note for Q7 Newsletter 

By April 10, 2024 SKPA

Dear Colleagues,

We are now well and truly past the halfway mark on the SKPA-2 program and looking to the future. I am advised that the Global Fund is currently discussing the future of all the multi-country grants under GC7, and we are anxiously waiting for an update from them. In the meantime, the best thing that we can do is to continue to deliver strong results on SKPA-2.

The last quarter of Year 2 marks the reporting and audit season. This presents an opportunity for all of us to reflect upon our work and to identify what adjustments may be needed to ensure that our workplan and budget remain strategically focused, technically sound and represent value for money. To this end, we will be carefully reviewing the whole portfolio to ensure that we are on track.

Importantly, the GC7 grants in Mongolia, Bhutan and the Philippines are now getting underway. Sri Lanka was submitted to Window 4 in March, we wish the team all the best for a successful outcome. SKPA-2 is very happy to support the GC7 grant-making process and we are strengthening our harmonization with the roll-out of the national grants. This process may necessitate some further refinement of the SKPA-2 activities to ensure that we remain cost-effective and that we are not duplicating activities that may now be in the national grant.

We anticipate that both minor and major reprogramming will be undertaken in the very near future. Additional information will be forthcoming over the next few weeks, and this will be undertaken in collaboration with you. As you are aware, many staff and consultants from Health Equity Matters have recently visited your countries and the information gathered during these site visits will feed into the reprogramming process.

In other news, I would like to thank the colleagues who have participated in the review of the community-led monitoring (CLM) toolkit. The consultant who reviewed the toolkit has presented us with excellent feedback about areas where we can improve the toolkit. The consultation is ongoing and following this we shall revise the toolkit as soon as feasible. The new toolkit will help the countries to consolidate their implementation of CLM.

Best wishes,


Published on: 08-Apr-2024

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