Safeguarding – a Matter Concerning Everyone

By July 4, 2024 SKPA

Lauren Bradley (she/her)
Deputy Director – SKPA-2, Health Equity Matters, Australia

The prevention of sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment (PSEAH) or safeguarding is an issue that applies to everyone under SKPA-2 – at principal recipient level, sub-recipient and further downstream from there. As implementers we have the responsibility to ensure our work and program does no harm. Throughout the life of SKPA-2, we have embedded safeguarding into our programming and are supporting sub-recipients to continue to build their capacity in this area.

Beyond safeguarding being best practice. Our funder, the Global Fund embeds requirements and responsibilities regarding the prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse in their Code of Conduct and grant agreements.

To further build awareness and develop capacity in this area, the Global Fund held its first Asia Pacific PSEAH Capacity Building Workshop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 11 to 13 June 2024. The workshop was attended by national grant recipients from across the region including the SKPA-2 countries of Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Philippines and, of course, Malaysia. As SKPA-2 Safeguarding Focal Point I was also invited to attend. 

The workshop focused on understanding what constitutes sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment, measures to take to prevent it within our organizations and programs, detecting incidents, and responding to them through a survivor/victim-based approach.

Under SKPA-2 we will continue to work with our sub-recipients to build capacity ensuring a safe environment for all. Last year policy audits were conducted and subsequent technical assistance to help improve organizational policies. On the horizon, the SKPA-2 Safeguarding e-learning module will be released shortly.

For more information on PSEAH from the Global Fund:

Published on: 04-Jul-2024

About the Contributor

Lauren Bradley (She/her)

Deputy Director – SKPA-2
Health Equity Matters, Australia

Lauren Bradley is the Deputy Director – SKPA-2 at Health Equity Matters. She is the SKPA-2 Safeguarding Focal Point. Prior to her current role, Lauren was the Acting CEO of the Australian Illicit Drugs Users League (AIVL) and has over 13 years’ experience in not-for-profit management both in Australia and internationally. 

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