Spotlight: The Humsafar Trust, India

By April 30, 2015 Showcase

Formed in 1994, The Humsafar Trust is the oldest LGBTQ organization in India. Based in Mumbai, the organisation was founded by Ashok Row Kavi, a reputed journalist and activist at a time when there was no talk and no national level movement for LGBT human rights. Today, Humsafar is one of the leading organizations covering the spectrum of sexual minorities in 16 States of India.

Humsafar runs four core projects covering health interventions, advocacy, capacity building and research that aim to protect the well-being of sexual minorities in the country. In running those main projects, Humsafar constitutes various initiatives ranging from targeted intervention for gay men and transgender people to provision of safe space for lesbian, bisexual women and female-to-male-trans-persons to youth initiative to media advocacy.

Humsafar is currently one of the national sub-recipients of the Multi-Country South Asia Global Fund HIV Programme, in which APCOM acts as the regional sub-recipient. Under the Programme, Humsafar aims to continue and improve its effort in providing HIV responses and to sensitise the public, government, and judicial members on issues relating to sexual minorities, including the effort to abolish the country’s punitive and discriminatory laws.

Also within the Programme, Humsafar has participated in separate training on resource mobilisation, monitoring and evaluation, programme management and effective leadership provided by APCOM. APCOM has also assisted Humsafar in producing the organisation’s SOP and Risk Management Policy as well as Monitoring and Evaluation plan.

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