Inclusive capacity building system packed with a set of essential features for strengthening organisational capacity

We work to improve and build on an organisation’s existing management and advocacy, while encouraging leadership for a community-led HIV response.


JumpStart is an inclusive system consisting of essential features for strengthening the organizational capacity of MSM and transgender networks across Southeast Asia and the Pacific. The project serves as a catalyst for regional, sub-regional and national networks to explore core competencies that they can build on and, at the same time, to explore skill development the networks may devote to.

JumpStart condenses a variety of supports and instruments to assess, and therefore, improve the networks’s policy analysis and strategic information development. It consists of:


Rapid Assessment Apparatus (Rap App):

A scoring tool which assesses a community organisation in its operations and performance against programmatic and organisational criteria.


Dissemination Plan Template (D-Plate):

A tool to assist community organisations to utilize the available strategic information in conducting more systematic and planned advocacy.

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