Max Wahid


Max Wahid (pronouns he/him) describes himself as an ‘accidental’ LGBTQIA+ activist. “I have always had a very ‘authentically vocal’ approach on all things Inclusion and Diversity – and my passion was always evident”. Over 8 years’ experience as a Human Resources Practitioner, spanning in the Financial, commercial Industry & Fast Moving Commercial Goods (FMCG) Industry across Fiji, Asia Pacific & Europe – he is deeply versed on the need for genuine inclusive policies. He spearheaded the first ever ANZ Pacific ‘PRIDE Network’ for genuine inclusion of LGBTQIA+ staff in Fiji, Samoa and Tonga; initiated the first ever Women-only Leadership Speaker series for any FMCG Company in Fiji whilst he was with Paradise Beverages (sister company for Coca Cola Amatil) and paged his memoirs during his time as an ex British Army veteran as well. Max was awarded the Pan-Balkans North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Medal and on the back of his deployed military services in Bosnia. In 2019 Max was also awarded Gold-winner (Human Resources) from the Fiji Human Resources fraternity, this Award recognises exceptional HR Managers in Fiji.

What am I bringing into APCOM

“Genuine inclusion begins with authentic leadership, daring greatly to setting realistic boundaries through thriving relationships at grassroot level’ To be a part of RAG for APCOM comes with sheer responsibility, one that requires wholeheartedness in advocating and amplifying the Pacific voice and to be heard where decisions are made.”

APCOM in its new strategic phase

“Being literal in every sense when we say – Leaving no one behind. Stronger interlinked communities and broader partner networks, to progress with human rights dialogue at every table!”