Michael Liu


Michael Liu received his Bachelor’s degree in Metallurgical Engineering from Northeastern University in China, and his Masters in Social Development from the University of Sussex, England. He used to work as the Vice Director and Project Manager at the Consultation Center of AIDS Aid and Health Service for 9 years. He also works as a Consultant at Northeast Transgender Support Network. These two non-governmental organizations both advocate for LGBTQIA+ rights, HIV/AIDS support services, and sex workers’ human rights advocacy in Asia and the Pacific region. In May 2020, Michael joined APNSW as the Communications and Policy Officer.

He was responsible for grant writing, fundraising, project coordination / management, and organizational strategic planning. He also conducts community-based research and leadership building training workshops for the LGBTQIA+ and sex worker community. He has served on the advisory and management boards of several regional and international organizations and networks that aim to help the development and fundraising of non-government organizations worldwide. In 2014, he directed two short documentary films on transgender women sex workers in China as a community-based director.

What am I bringing into APCOM

“As a RAG member, Michael will help with resource mobilization and networking, linking APCOM with NGOs, CBOs, and corporations in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan. Michael will also help with fundraising by facilitating the co-application of projects between APCOM and other stakeholders in East Asia in terms of HIV prevention and LGBTQIA-related human rights.”

APCOM in its new strategic phase

“As one of the most prestigious regional networks, APCOM will be the leading force working with LGBTQIA+ groups, people living with HIV, and other key populations to voice out and create equal spaces for individual and rights-based organizations in Asia and the Pacific region. Meet the deepest community needs of the most marginalized group and continuously advocate for their human rights.”