Somchai Phromsombut

Work experiences

Worked at Wednesday Friends Club, position of Assistant Manager, coordinating work on HIV AIDS in Thailand. My duty is to adjust the attitude, give knowledge and understanding in the network of people who work on AIDS issues. I also attended the World AIDS Conferences in many countries.

Worked at the Thailand Business Coalition on AIDS (TBCA) as Marketing Manager for career promotion. Also, developing, and empowering people living with HIV.

Established the independent HIV cohabitation group (Not under an organization or hospital unit) to help enhancing knowledge and understanding among those living with the infection who cannot access the service system during office hours, including those who are at risk or affected by HIV/AIDS working part-time (working at night and in shifts). I had the great opportunity to receive Her Royal Highness Princess Soamsawali, who came to visit the organization. As a result, the organization has become more acceptable from the community during that period.

Registered an organization as a legal entity named The POZ Home Center Foundation and take the position as the Director of the Foundation.

Work experience in LGBTQIA+

80 percent of office-based staff, field staff, the volunteers, including my personal staff are in the LGBTQI+ community who are living with HIV. Therefore, from 2012 to the present, I have had the opportunity to work on this issue which is considered a vulnerable population who are living with HIV/AIDS as they were treated in the limited area in terms of life, economy, income, tortious interference, attitudes of violence. Shunning and stigmatization are still being reproduced. As a result, reducing stigma is extremely difficult. The Foundation is involved in the policy advocacy process, to continuously promote rights and liberties of this population. And we will continue doing this work.

Opinions on equality, LGBTQI+ and HIV health issues

From my point of view, the equality and access system for health care for the target people nowadays is much better than in the past. That means the policy has improved to some extent. But in practice, it is not as good as it should be or in accordance with the policy that asks for cooperation only. It is not a law that can be held against those who do not respond to the policy. Furthermore, the important thing is most of the victims were embarrassed and they did not dare to complain and claim their rights. Moreover, they don’t know, don’t understand their own rights. So, these jobs are still a big problem for people who are working on this issue. We must fight for equality and equality in a democratic way.

Opinions on becoming a board member APCOM Foundation.

I have known the APCOM Foundation for over 10 years, not as a committee member, we’re friends. I’ve seen many visible works from APCOM as their works are the same with our works at the POZ, collaborating between Prevention and Care & Support issues. In addition, respectfulness among workers in every level from management to staff are excellent. As a result, there is a continually better relationship. Obviously, working on social work; starting from the organization’s core value of identity thus resulting in true and equal success to the outside people. Personally, I would like to thank the APCOM Foundation for inviting me to be part of the organization. And I will do my role as best as possible.

Leisure activities/personal preferences

I have to say that is quite difficult for me. As I have a lot of responsibilities to do. Unless I force myself to be free and energize myself to work, I’d prefer to go on vacation; mostly in nature, such as waterfalls, mountains, beaches, or pitching a tent. Stay with myself, embrace myself as much as I can.