Surasak Chalermsri

Work experiences

I am currently working as Manager – HRBP ZP Therapeutics since Apr 2020. I firstly joined Zuellig Pharma Limited in Sep 2018 as Manager – Compensation & Benefits and acting as HRBP – Operations and Office Administration Manager. Currently Zuellig has over 1,700 employees within Thailand organization.

I worked as a Head of Finance Department for Car Dealership in Thailand, called “Wearnes Group Thailand” with twenty-five subordinates.

I worked in Thailand as Finance Manager for a Pooling Supply Chain Solution, called CHEP (Thailand) Limited, reporting directly to CFO in Australia. It is a subsidiary of Brambles which is listed on ASX in Australia.

I worked in Singapore as a Senior Accountant for a software company, called CA (Singapore) Pte. Ltd., reporting directly to the Country Controller (Based in Hong Kong).

I worked in the UK for almost 2 years. The latest job was working as Trainee Accountant for a public practice firm in Woking, United Kingdom.

Before moving to the UK. I worked as an Accountant for Computer Associates International (Thailand) Co., Ltd. reporting directly to the Financial Controller in Singapore (It is a subsidiary of US company called CA, Inc. which is listed on NYSE) before deciding to gain some working experience in the UK.

I am currently studying a Master Degree at CMMU – Mahidol, major in Business Management and I will graduate in Sep 2021. I have two Bachelor Degrees; One is a B.Sc. in Accountancy and the other a B.Sc. in Applied Physics.

I have over 19 years of working experience in Financial & Accounting with considerable exposure working with foreigners and MNC Company.

Work experience in LGBTQIA+

I have no working background in LGBTIQ but I am proud being one and part of LGBTIQIA+ group. Being a chairman of APCOM since 2019, it is giving me more understanding of how to be a small part to drive LGBTIQ to society to accept and understand more about us.

My view of LGBTIQ is equally to heterosexual, LGBTIQ is equally to have basic human rights treatment and easily access to get treated to any diseases no only HIV/ AIDS.

HIV/AIDS patients should be accepted and treated equally no matter who you are or where you come from.

As I am someone who has no experience in NGOs working environment. I am proud to be able to contribute some of my knowledge and working strength from the corporation to APCOM.

Opinions on equality, LGBTQIA+ and HIV health issues


Opinions on becoming a board member APCOM Foundation.


Leisure activities/personal preferences

Learning from others locally and internally through travelling is my passion.