TestBKK at “Creative HIV Prevention” Side Event of ILGA Asia 2015

By October 31, 2015 Learning

ILGA ASIA Conference 2015 has brought together community organisations working for the rights and sexual health of LGBT  communities around Asia to Taipei. To take the full advantage of this rare opportunity, Taiwan Tongzhi Hotline Association has invited the participating community organisations to further engage in experience sharing and networking with their side event “Creative HIV/AIDS Prevention & Education for LGBT Youth in Asia.” The side event offered the opportunity for activists from each community organisation to share their unique and creative approaches in delivering their intervention.

APCOM was proud to be invited as one of the speakers for the side event. Bringing in the creative wiz of TestBKK, our Bangkok-based HIV testing campaign targeting young gay men, Communication Officer Safir Soeparna shared the recipe of successful online intervention to increase the uptake of HIV testing among young gay men in urban city such as Bangkok.

You can now also find the “recipe” from Highlight: TestBKK publication. Click here to download the publication.

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