TestBKK Released its First PrEP Campaign: Without Fear

By February 10, 2016 Newsroom

TestBKK, APCOM’s city-based HIV testing campaign targeting young gay men in Bangkok, has just launched a PrEP campaign: Without Fear. APCOM led a regional consultation on PrEP roll out in late 2015 and TestBKK’s Without Fear campaign is another testament on how committed APCOM in introducing the new HIV prevention method.

Thailand has been the first and only country in Asia that hosts trials, demonstration projects and supervised provision of daily oral PrEP in gay and bisexual men and other men who have sex with men (MSM). Knowing the high efficacy of PrEP (up to 98% effective on preventing HIV if taken correctly and consistently) and alarming HIV prevalence among gay men in Bangkok (1 out of 4 gay men is HIV-positive), TestBKK understands the importance of advocating PrEP to a large number of young gay men in Bangkok.

The name “Without Fear” represents the intended aftermath of taking PrEP correctly and consistently: giving into the moment knowing you are protected against HIV – regardless of your sexual preferences and behaviour. When prevention option is limited to condom use only, the penetrating partner (top) has more control than the receiving partner (bottom). A top is physically in control of wearing a condom, while a bottom can only negotiate the use of it. PrEP changes this equation. Its availability has strengthened the zeitgeist of safe-sex culture among gay and other MSM.

Without Fear is a fruition of collaboration between APCOM’s campaign team and the community-based organisation partners in Bangkok: Rainbow Sky Association of Thailand and SWING.

Staying true to its daring personality, TestBKK crafts Without Fear in provocative visuals while targeting to different sub-populations of gay and other MSM.

“F*#k Without Fear”, “Pleasure Without Fear” and “Sex Without Fear” target those who are sexually active and adventurous – with the first being the uncensored and English version of the other two and will be showcased restrictively.

“Intimacy Without Fear” targets those who are in a relationship with or dating HIV-positive person.

“Work Without Fear” targets male sex workers with male clients.

The campaign also includes a comprehensive, easy-to-understand resource on PrEP available on TestBKK’s website – in both Thai and English languages, which are accessible via the scan code showcased on each visual.

Without Fear will be TestBKK’s Facebook campaign throughout February to April. The “Sex Without Fear” poster will hit the backcover ad of Attitude Thailand, the country’s largest gay magazine, in March. The offline campaign will be conducted by the community-based organisation partners throughout the year, as well as by TestBKK team at gCircuit 2016, famously known as Asia’s largest gay circuit party.


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