testBKK’s online influencers Promote PrEP uptakes and new Xpress service

By August 6, 2019 November 5th, 2019 Prevention

testBKK’s online influencers take the internet to raise awareness on PrEP uptakes and promote the rapid HIV testing with Xpress service in July.

The campaign aims to increase the number of PrEP users in Bangkok and reduce stigma around PrEP uptakes and HIV testing as well as to introduce and promote the Xpress service, the latest HIV-related service which offers a quickerHIV testing and PrEP distribution to service users who make a reservation online in 6 community health centers in 4 major provinces. 

Nokand DudeAdamFacebook pages, two large LGBTQ-lifestyle communities hosting over 250,000 and 95,000 followers respectively, created guide tour videos to showcase how HIV testing and PrEP distribution can be quick and convenient through Xpress service at Rainbow Sky Association Thailand (RSAT) and SWING clinic, Bangkok. 

As an advocate for PrEP, Bodin Luangtrirat, an admin of DudeAdam Facebook page, highlighted that PrEP is recommended for gay community especially in the present when the adoption of online sexual networking websites and mobile dating apps are used broadly by young gay men to regularly seek out sexual partners. 

“Taking PrEP is like wearing a helmet when you are riding a motorbike. It helps protect you from HIV so that you can enjoy your lifestyle in your own ways, as you like,” said Bodin to his Facebook page followers.

Other internet sensations from MR.GAY WORLD Thailand Contest like the 2017-winner Pattanajuk Vipadakul(Ton), the 2018-champ Pakkarapong Khuaikhoen(Toy) and the latest 2019-prizewinner Chayodhom Samibat(Nut) also posted online videos encouraging their followers to take the test and receive PrEP through Xpress service launched on 13 July 2019.

The Xpress service is developed and supported by USAID, PEPFAR, LINKAGES, Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Center (TRC) and Family Health International (FHI360). It is available in the following community health centers:

  1. Rainbow Sky Association Thailand, Bangkok
  2. Rainbow Sky Association Thailand, Songkla (Hat Yai)
  3. SWING Thailand, Bangkok
  4. SWING Thailand, Pattaya
  5. M Plus Thailand, Chiang Mai
  6. CAREMAT Health Center, Chiang Mai

To reserve an HIV testing and PrEP through Xpress service, you can register via www.testbkk.org/gettested.

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