The State of Investment in HIV Prevention for MSM in Asia and the Pacific

By August 14, 2014 Publications

MSM in Asia and the Pacific are disproportionately affected by HIV. What were once thought of as “hidden” MSM HIV epidemics are—in part due to a surge in the available evidence—increasingly recognized as a strategic priority for ending HIV.

Investment in HIV programs for MSM has increased over the past several years in countries across the region. This progress is not shared equally among countries, however, and in many of the countries for which data are available, the share of new infections that are due to sex between men still outpaces the share of HIV prevention spending that targets MSM. Evidence is important not only for national strategic planning, but also for shaping how communities and institutions advocate for change. Recent data speak volumes about the urgent need to invest in targeted HIV programmes for MSM, and show that the road to equitable and evidence-based investment may be longer for some countries than for others. This brief includes a selection of data and graphics that give some indication of the challenge faced.

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