The Value of Investing in MSM Programmes in Asia Pacific

By June 1, 2008 Publications

At least 5–10 percent of all HIV cases worldwide are attributable to sexual transmission between men. In countries in the Asia-Pacific region, HIV prevalence among men who have sex with men (MSM) ranges from 3–17 percent (5 to 15 times higher than overall HIV prevalence). As many MSM also report having sex with women, preventing transmission among MSM will not only combat the epidemic within this group but also within society as a whole.

Recognizing the importance of reaching MSM with HIV prevention programs, this policy brief compares the overall expenditure on HIV prevention with the expenditure for MSM programs alone. It also discusses the sources of funds and resource requirements for MSM programs and shows the gap between current expenditures and resources needed for an effective prevention program for MSM. Determining the resource needs and resource gaps for MSM prevention programs is critical for successful resource mobilization.

Source: USAID

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