Tools Aiming at Integrating SOGIE Issues at Organizational Level

By February 21, 2017 Publications

Islands of Southeast Asia Networks on Male and Transgender Sexual Health (ISEAN), in partnership with APCOM, and with support from Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations (AFAO), conducted a desk review and meta-analysis of existing tools and products on SOGI to identify gaps in SOGI-related engagements among community advocates in Southeast Asia, and to contribute in the competency to become experts in high-level SOGIE discourses, advocacy and training.

The Desk Review concluded that, within Asia and the Pacific, issues related to LGBT and SOGIE are highly stigmatized. This stigmatization is reflected in laws and regulations, including non-inclusive human rights instruments or agreements entered into by States within the ASEAN. This explains the limited engagements of the civil society with their respective governments. There is also a lack of advocacy tools and guidelines that are specifically developed to address the issues related to LGBTI and SOGIE. This could lead to less effective advocacy to protect and fulfill human rights of, and related to, SOGIE.

The report recommends the development of an assessment tool and training manual for both civil society organisations and individuals working at a country level to address these human rights issues. The Assessment Tool is used the measure the sensitivity level of an organisation and its personnel to the issue of SOGIE, and measure the integration of SOGIE in the management of a CBO. The focus of this tool is the basic knowledge of SOGIE and how it is reflected through the attitude, values and practices of individuals and institutions. In addition, this can be used as a database for organisations wanting to mainstream SOGIE issues within their mandate.

Through these existing tools, it envisioned that SOGIE may be integrated into the broader mandate of organisations, especially those working towards ending AIDS. The integration of SOGIE and rights-based approach in HIV programs and services as well as SRHR programmes will contribute in the quality of the services and protection of the LGBTI community.

+ Download the Training Manual here

+ Download the Assessment Tool here


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