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Summary of the survey

Prior to the stakeholder consultation on 28 and 29 April as a preparation for the 8-10 High Level Meeting (HLM)on HIV/AIDS, 59 stakeholders across Asia and the Pacific, answered one of more of 9 questions to gauge their views and experiences of progress of the 2016 Political Declaration, and their expectations to the 2021 Declaration, which provided the bases for a statement (LINK) that was produced and delivered to the HLM by APCOM. 

Looking back, participants listed lack of political will and commitment by many states, lack of a holistic approach and coordination at local, country and regional level, lack of funding, and continued violations of human rights, discrimination and stigma for people living with HIV in workplaces, schools, health services and in their living environment. There was an overall sense that the voices of the community were becoming weaker.

Looking ahead, participants listed capacity building, awareness raising and advocacy as critical tools to reach the goals set out in the 2021 Political Declaration, as well as meaningful and diverse participation of key populations in addressing structural and societal barriers towards effective and sustainable national, regional and global HIV responses.

Respondents noted that the pandemic had hampered efforts to improve the situation for People Living with HIV, and that COVID-19 had broadened the inequities of people who were already marginalised in society. Concrete recommendations included community- led data collection, research and monitoring.

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