Update on Marriage Equality Movement in Asia

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In December 2018, APCOM in partnership with Freedom to Marry, supported by the British Embassy and Thailand’s Rights and Liberties Protection Department, hosted a regional discussion on Asia Pacific Marriage Equality.

The 3-day meeting was held in Bangkok and was attended by leading marriage equality advocates from Cambodia, China, Japan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Stories of Marriage Equality Movement in the Region

After Taiwan’s historic same-sex marriage became legal in May 2019, and in celebration of Pride Month, here are the updates from our partners who have been able to continue this important advocacy despite additional challenges due to Covid-19

Celebrating Pride Month through APCOM’s resources

The marriage coalition movement were also instrumental in the WHO petition statement of support to address how the pandemic has highlighted and exacerbated the discrimination and lack of legal protections faced by LGBTQI people, communities and their families which expresses concern.

The letter of support for LGBTQI communities in Asia Pacific specifically called for a closer cooperation with LGBTQI organizations and communities, where “challenges faced by LGBTQI, MSM and people and communities of diverse SOGIESC during the COVID-19 pandemic will be given due attention; and policies, programs, and responses are inclusive and do not add to the exclusion and discrimination experienced by LGBTQI people, communities and families,” 

‘Rest assured that we have heard your important message and, as we update our guidance and approach to COVID-19, we will ensure that specific challenges of LGBTQI communities will be recognized and addressed,’ WHO Director General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus 

Some of our resources on LGBTQI rights 

The video features the story of Joice and Hun, a young lesbian couple who were married in Hun’s hometown after opening a café in the family’s coconut field.

Thailand’s Movement towards Marriage Equality

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