Vast array of TA now available for key populations and communities

By January 31, 2019 Publications

APCOM releases its Technical Assistance (TA) Infosheet aimed at providing information on existing and available support to networks of key populations and communities of diverse sexual orientation and gender identities that they can access to strengthen their respective political engagements, interventions and advocacies at different levels. 

From individual capacity building, scaling up of outreach and uptake of health services, to national programme design and implementation, the infosheet strives to offer relevant and timely support to various community organisations to ensure that key population and community groups have the tools and frameworks to effectively and efficiently engage in the HIV and human rights work in their respective countries or sub-regions. 

Through implementing regional and multi-country projects and partnerships with community organisations, APCOM gained the expertise in providing short-term and long-term technical support. The scope of TA APCOM offers are grounded on organisational expertise and thematic areas which are research and strategic information, capacity building, demand generation, and human rights and SOGIESC. 

“The political and financial trends in Asia and the Pacific have affected community engagements at the national levels. Now, more than ever, is the time for key populations and communities to stand up for equality, human rights and safe spaces,” said Midnight Poonkasetwattana, APCOM Executive Director. “Key populations and communities should be able to freely and easily access available technical assistance to strengthen their existing capacities. Needs-based TA’s are essential for organisations to address these specific issues we are confronting at present.”

APCOM highlights organisational and individual capacities as important ingredients for effective responses to HIV and human rights, and meaningful community engagements in national political discussions and decision-making. APCOM broadens its work as a technical support provider in the region for organisations working on the issues of key populations and communities of diverse sexual orientation and gender identities. 

APCOM is selected as a community technical assistance provider through a rigorous, open selection process under the Global Fund’s Community, Rights, and Gender (CRG) Strategic Initiative. 

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