Watch TestBKK video of Chemsex by Arm

By June 24, 2022 Newsroom, Regional

Chartlada Sangakij (JJ)

Creative Communications & Media Assistant

Step into the world of Khun Arm Akkraset, co-founder of Krubb Bangkok Social Club and Sauna, as he talks candidly about chemsex in a packed 5 minutes video. A well known harm reduction advocate, Khun Arm provides information on what chemsex is, and why people use it, and situations in which chemsex takes place. 

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The main segment is about chemsex and HIV, and harm reduction approaches,

remember that whenever you’re engaging in chemsex there are risks involved. However, if you’re fun loving and love to have fun using chemsex, you can take a harm reduction approach,

he commented. 

Lastly Khun Arm outlines that there needs to be party rule including consent, know your body condition, the drugs you’re taking and its limit, avoid sharing sex toys and needles, use condoms and lubes, taking PrEP to avoid HIV, and some advice for people living with HIV who are engaging in chemsex, ensure you know your HIV status and have regular health check up

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