WISDOM Knowledge Management Project

By December 20, 2017 Publications

Funded through Oxfam Novib and Hivos’ VOICE initiative, our WISDOM programme is a knowledge management project with 4 LGBTI community organisations, which aims to provide technical assistance to LGBTI-partners in-country, and improve their access to social services through advocacy and political participation in Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR and The Philippines.

The programme started in January 2017 with the selection of the 4 LGBTI organisations in the 4 participating countries through an open request for proposal-process in which the organisations could indicate their needs and motivation for participating. With the selection of the partners, the programme will carry on with conducted capacity assessments with each organisation, using APCOM’s assessment tools RapApp and D-plate.

With the results of the assessments APCOM will develop the capacity trainings, taking as a starting point the knowledge and capacity already available in the organisation. In this way a quite precise and tailor-made capacity strengthening trajectory can be developed and offered. Important part of the programme is to put the learning into concrete work and therefore the development of concrete advocacy plans for the organisations will be a highlight and concrete results of the programme.

An important part of the programme is reflecting and learning. Too often the programmes are implemented and then evaluated without actually understanding the learning that happened and identify the gaps, if any. Therefore APCOM will organise in each participating country a country learning workshop and one regional workshop where all partners have a chance to meet, learn and exchange from each other’s work and ensure that the learning from the VOICE-programme is captured and widely shared. The results will also be shared through social media, APCOM’s website and knowledge pool “The Source” and other means from APCOM’s communications toolkit.

You can find out more by viewing or downloading our WISDOM brochure, part of our Compass series of publications profiling APCOM’s programmatic work.

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