Working with the Global Fund in Nepal

By June 19, 2019 November 5th, 2019 Advocacy

We luckily got two community representatives on the Global Fund Co-ordination Mechanism (CCM) for Nepal, Raju Lama and Pareena who willing to share their challenges which they have been experiencing to perform their function effectively. Their concrete recommendations would help you and community members to meaningfully engage with CCM and Global Fund.

Here are their stories:

Interviewee: Raju 

1) What has been your proudest moment as a community member in your country CCM? 

Raju: I feel proud to represent MSM and Transgender community at the CCM platform. I get an opportunity to discuss and raise challenges/issues connected to the MSM and Transgender community at the CCM platform. This platform also provides me an opportunity to share ideas which are tailored to the needs of the community. Furthermore, I feel very proud when I support need community needs and raise their opinions at the CCM platform.  

Pareena:In my opinion the CCM is a high-level platform where Government, Non- Government, and other stakeholders work together for HIV, Tuberculosis, and Malaria. This platform gives them an opportunity to collectively share and discuss issues/challenges connected to the key affected population. Thus, this platform allows participants to address significant issues.  I feel proud that the LGBTI community member elected me as an alternate CCM member. Furthermore, I am also very proud that I represent LGBTI community and raise their opinions and challenges at this platform for drawing actions. 

2) As a member of the community CCM in your country, what are the challenges to ensure that you perform that function well?

Raju: There are many challenges, but I would like to list down the most significant challenge, which includes.1) Community members are working at the very grass root level and hence they lack adequate knowledge on GF process and other related technical requirements. However, the community members still in the learning process, but they need support and assistance to bridge these gaps. 2) Language always been a barrier and hence there exists communication gaps. 

Pareena:I am an alternate CCM member for the LBGTI community in Nepal. I come from the grass root level and have no higher education, and also I possess less knowledge of GF processes and other technical requirements. However, I am still learning and building my capacity. I appreciate if this CCM or other platforms/forums can help bridge my capacity gaps which would help ensure to perform my function well. 

3) Do you have any concrete recommendations to the CCM and the Global Fund for more meaningfully participate in the development of the transition plan in the country? 

Raju: From my perspective, there are 2 things that will ensure the meaningful participation of affected communities in the development of the transition plan: 1) Firstly, all CCM members who are from the community should focus on the capacity building program to bridge the capacity gaps of community members to ensure their meaningful participation in the transition plan. 2) Secondly, GF and CCM should share transition plans and strategies to CCM members so that they can further share with community members and CBOs for feedback and suggestions, which would further assist them to develop an effective transitioning plan. 

Pareena:My recommendations to CCM is to conduct a capacity building program for the community members and members representing the community at diverse platforms (For. e.g. CCM platforms).  This would help the community members to provide valuable suggestions and raise their voice at different meetings. I also request the GF and CCM to involve community members and CCM members to gather feedback to develop an effective transition plan. 

4) Your country is a party of the upcoming regional meeting that APCOM is hosting. The meeting title, “Inter-Regional Consultation and Workshop on transition and sustainability readiness”; scheduled for 29 to 30 April.  

What do you or your country participant wish to achieve during this meeting? 

Raju: I want my country representative to; present and share best practices related to STC, build strong collaborations and relationships between CCM and community members for future support and assistance to CCM members and CBOs, increase knowledge on STC and take lead to implement STC in our country.

Pareena:By attending this workshop my country representative would acquire additional information on STC. Besides this, I also want my country representative to build a strong relationship with other regional networks for future collaboration.

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