Wrapping Up the Successful Second Phase of the Seven Alliance Webinar Series

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Erik Nadir
Asia Pacific Transgender Network

The Seven Alliance, a regional consortium leading the development and building the expertise of Community-Led Monitoring (CLM) in the Asia-Pacific region, is thrilled to announce the successful completion of a two-day webinar in the second phase of the webinar series on CLM. These webinars provided an opportunity for participants to gather better understanding into CLM indicators, data management, analysis, and the meaningful engagement of key population communities in developing indicators related to structural and social issues affecting health services.

Webinar #3:
CLM indicators, data management, analysis and its use

Day one which was focused on “CLM indicators, data management, analysis and its use,” took place on 26th June 2023. The objective of this webinar was to provide an overview of indicator development, data analysis, interpretation, and the creation of online CLM digital platforms/dashboard systems. The overall webinar session was moderated by Selvan Antony from APCOM. Francis Josepph from NAPUD and Abhina Aher from APCOM gave the opening remark. Other sessions included a presentation by Ye Yu from UNAIDS on the significance of data in Global AIDS Strategy result areas, as well as an informative talk by a representative from the International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (ITPC) on CLM qualitative and quantitative indicator development. Moreover, country partners; Tenzin Gyeltshen from Pride Bhutan and Jaclyn Kaunang from Indonesia AIDS Coalition also shared their experiences in CLM indicator development, data management, and analysis, fostering a rich exchange of knowledge and best practices. Finally, Emmanuel Simon from ITPC gave a presentation on CLM digital platform/dashboard as a reporting mechanism that aggregates and displays metrics and key indicators. The webinar session was ended with the closing remarks from Ikka Noviyanti from Youth Lead.

Webinar #4:
Meaningful Engagement of Key Population Communities in Developing CLM Indicators Related to Structural and Social Issues Affecting Health Services

Day two of the webinar, held on 27th June 2023, focused on “Meaningful Engagement of Key Population Communities in Developing CLM Indicators Related to Structural and Social Issues Affecting Health Services.” The objective was to highlight the crucial role of communities in leading and deciding on the development of indicators that measure stigma and discrimination, barriers to sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), and other forms of social inequality. The webinar featured a moderated panel discussion by Raine Cortes of The Global Fund with esteemed speakers: Nicha Rongram, Project Manager at Asia Pacific Transgender Network (APTN) Foundation; Rocky Rinabor, Project Manager at The Library Foundation (TLF) SHARE Collective Inc.; and Adelia, Advocacy Officer at Indonesian Social Change Organization (OPSI). 

Based on the Menti exercises that were conducted at the end of the webinar, community called for the inclusion of gender and age disaggregated data in CLM as well as for more nuanced indicators in monitoring stigma and discrimination in health care settings that are experienced differently by key population groups. Moreover, community highlighted the need for capacity building (i.e., training, workshop) and increased community consultation in order for them to meaningfully engage and be involved in the development of CLM indicators. 

The Seven Alliance is committed to build the expertise of Community-Led Monitoring (CLM) in the Asia Pacific region communities, facilitating their active participation in monitoring and improving HIV responses. By sharing knowledge, resources, and information, the Seven Alliance aims to establish strong and sustainable CLM mechanisms for key populations and people living with HIV in the Asia Pacific region.

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About the Seven Alliance:

The Seven Alliance is a regional consortium comprising APCOM, APN+, APNSW, APTN, ICW-AP, NAPUD, and Youth LEAD. Seven Alliance is leading the development and building the expertise of Community-Led Monitoring (CLM) in the Asia Pacific region. They support the establishment of robust CLM mechanisms through capacity building, cross-learning, and advocacy efforts for key populations and people living with HIV.

About Community-Led Monitoring (CLM):

Community-Led Monitoring (CLM) is an accountability mechanism for HIV responses, led and implemented by local community-led organizations of people living with HIV, networks of key populations, and other affected groups or community entities. CLM captures the experiences of individuals accessing health services, identifies obstacles they face, and collaborates with decision-makers to address these challenges, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness of HIV interventions.

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