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The Fact Sheet

FACT SHEET: Virtual Country Operational Plan (COP)2021

This Fact Sheet is based on the Updated Country/Regional Operational Plan 2021 Virtual Meeting Handbook (as of 18 March 2021). This is one of the first resource materials in Asia summarizing PEPFAR Country Operational Plan, which is developed with the primary purpose of enhancing communities’ understanding about the funding mechanism, and assisting their engagements to be more meaningful.

Why is the Fact Sheet needed?

The engagement of the key population is crucial to ensuring that the needs of their communities are appropriately addressed and budgeted in the COP. Yet clear, concise and community-friendly resources on PEPFAR COP are very limited. Pro-active development and dissemination of these resources are needed to impart communities with knowledge and skills to raise their voices and communicate their needs in this particular forum.

Who can use the Fact Sheet?

This Fact Sheet is developed to be used by country-level community-based organisations (CBOs), key populations and their communities in the Asia Region to guide their active engagements in the COP 2021 processes.

Who can use the Fact Sheet?

In addition to  visual presentation of the COP process, this guide contains tips and suggestions on how KP communities can effectively engage with their respective country processes. This material is also linked to APCOM’s online resources which can be used as examples or guides in tailoring country or regional engagements.

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