APCOM’s Trailblazing Role at the Asia HIV Best Practices Event

By February 21, 2024 Advocacy, Learning

APCOM Foundation marked a significant presence at the Contextualizing best practices in HIV prevention for Thailand and the region successes, challenges, and the way forward. Held at Amari Don Muang Hotel, Bangkok, from January 10-12, 2024, the event was a melting pot of ideas, with APCOM’s team – Inad Quinones Rendon, Nicky Suwandi, Siripong Srichau, and Abhinar Aher – leading the charge in pioneering discussions and solutions.

The event kicked off with discussions on regional epidemiology and HIV prevention strategies. APCOM’s engagement in these discussions underscored their commitment to understanding and addressing the complexities of HIV prevention in diverse contexts.

Inad Quinones Rendon and Arm Siripong from APCOM shone on the second day. Their presentation on “party packs” was a highlight, illustrating an inventive method of engaging key populations in safe practices during social gatherings. This strategy aligns with APCOM’s ethos of making HIV prevention relatable and accessible.

APCOM continued to make impactful contributions on the final day. Inad Quinones Rendon participated in a session alongside Heather-Marie Schmidt from WHO/UNAIDS, focusing on understanding and addressing syndemics in HIV prevention. APCOM used their testBKK.org campaign as a case study, demonstrating their adeptness in tackling the multifaceted challenges of HIV prevention, especially in urban contexts.

As the event concluded, the insights shared by APCOM’s team provided a roadmap for future collaborations and innovations in the regional fight against HIV/AIDS. Their approach, blending practical solutions with a deep understanding of the communities they serve, sets a benchmark for others in the field. This event marks another milestone in APCOM’s journey towards a world where HIV prevention is accessible, relatable, and effective for all, especially the key and vulnerable populations in Asia.


🌟 Highlights from the Asia HIV Best Practices Event! APCOM’s team brought innovative ideas to the forefront, making HIV prevention more relatable and effective. Swipe to see our journey in Bangkok! 🌍💪
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We’re proud to share our experiences from the Asia HIV Best Practices Event in Bangkok. Our team showcased groundbreaking strategies in HIV prevention, focusing on making a real difference in the community. Join us in our journey towards a world where HIV prevention is accessible to all.
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APCOM at the forefront: Our team’s participation in the Asia HIV Best Practices Event was a testament to our commitment to innovative HIV prevention strategies. Proud of our collaborative efforts towards making HIV prevention accessible and effective in the Asia region.
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