“The Art of Togetherness” – Thailand Pride 2024 activities for Pride Month!

By June 10, 2024 Regional

It’s time to be proud of yourselves and come join in celebrating the road to marriage equal for all with Thailand Pride! 

Thailand Pride 2024 Organizing Committee along with community organizations, business sector, government sector join hands to organize Thailand Pride @ Bangkapi with the concept of “The Art of Togetherness” which held a press conference on 29 May 2024. 

The event is another opportunity to raise your rainbow flags, and proudly be who you are in the Bangkapi district area of Bangkok to mark the end of Pride Month on Saturday 29 June 2024.

As Thailand gears up for LGBTQI marriage equality, there are other laws and policy issues that we still need to advance.

“Currently, LGBTQI people cannot donate blood, and some companies still insist on compulsory HIV testing which is not only in violation of human rights but it is also illegal, and they need to be brought to justice,”

commented Wattana Keiangpa, APCOM Foundation Board member, who is living with HIV,

“we, the community therefore calls for an Anti-discrimination Bill as a mechanism for filing complaints, providing remedies, determining penalties, and providing protection for our community to be protected,”

he continues.

The event is generously supported by the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, Ministry of Justice, Tourism Authority of Thailand, Member of the House of Representatives of Pheu Thai Party, and Progressive Party, Bang Kapi District, Foundation for Sustainable Cities and Communities,The Mall Company Group Limited, Nmark Plaza Shopping Center and Happyland Center, Lotus Bang Kapi. 

Along with the community organizing committee members from the Rainbow Sky Association of Thailand, Bangkok Rainbow Organization and Apcom Foundation – we are very proud and humbled to be bringing  Thailand Pride 2024 @ Bangkapi The Art of Togetherness to the public. 

“The Art of Togetherness” as the main theme that embraces all diversity and paves the way for an open society that embraces and supports each other. 

There will be an important highlight on Saturday, June 29, 2024 with the Pride Parade to foster 

understanding and compassion for each other, it is also what we all need to create a livable society.

The procession will start at 13:00 from the National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) and ends when reaching The Mall Life Store Bangkapi. 

There are also many campaigns and activities throughout June’s Pride month and you can check them out by following us: www.facebook.com /thailandpridefestival


  • 7 – 9 June Thailand Pride Forum campaign, training on ending violence, reducing stigma and discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation for the Deaf Sexual Diversity Network at Mida Hotel Ngamwongwan Nonthaburi Province.  
  • 8 – 9 June 2024, Thailand LGBTQI+ Biz Forum at the Riverside Plaza Department Store. 
  • 27 – 30 June 2024 – Gender diversity photography exhibition and forum in the Mall area Bangkapi. 
  • 28 – 30 June 2024 in the famous Silom Road area to celebrate and support the economy and tourism including parties, fashion shows, campaign activities, etc. 

“APCOM is a proud partner of Thailand Pride, and congratulates the hard work that the committee members have put into organising this year’s event. Thank you also to supporters and sponsors from the public and private sectors, and we thank our LGBTQI community for their ongoing trust and support to see Thailand having better laws and policies so that we can have equal rights.”

Midnight, APCOM Executive Director 

About Thailand Pride

At the heart of the Thailand Pride Committee is to ensure the community is the head, heart, hands, and soul of what we do. It has to be community-led and community-owned. 

Thailand Pride Committee has developed a draft guidelines for the Pride Constitution based on the principle of accountability and transparency, and with equal participation from all parties, including the government, political sector, private sector, and non-profit organizations. The Pride Constitution aims to strengthen and sustain the work of the LGBTQI organizations.  

The Thailand Pride Committee consists of Wattana Kiangpa, Chanan Yodhong, Kan Kulattaphinya, Pongpong Jaiyai, Nikorn Chimkhong, Kittinan Thomathat, Phitsanu. Wat Singchai, Sasin Phusong and the Committee are ready and open to talking with all sectors to work together for the #ThailandPride2024. 

APCOM, a member of InterPride, is proud to have been invited to be a member of the Thailand Pride Committee and is presented by Wattana Keiangpa, APCOM Foundation Secretary. 

“It is an honour to be part of the Committee to work on strengthening our community engagement  to ensure that our LGBTQI and HIV community can all benefit from Pride, and that our collective community is working together for equality.” 

Wattana Keiangpa, APCOM Foundation Secretary

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