Asia and the Pacific’s the Seven Alliance mentioned at the UNAIDS Board

By May 23, 2024 Advocacy, Regional

The Seven Alliance is a consortium comprising seven regional key population organisations in Asia and the Pacific and was mentioned in the UNAIDS Programme Coordinating Board. 

APCOM as an NGO Delegation representing Asia and the Pacific on the UNAIDS Programme Coordinating Board (PCB) delivered the following statement emphasizing the role of the community for HIV testing.

Statement on agenda item 10 – Thematic Segment,
Panel discussion 2: Testing for HIV – meet the differentiated testing, prevention and treatment needs of populations left behind

Thank you, chair,

I deliver this statement on behalf of the Asia and the Pacific NGO Delegation.

Thank you so much, speakers, for your interesting conversation. 

Compared with other regions, Asia and the Pacific has one of the highest proportions of key populations among new HIV infections. It is imperative that a significant proportion of our HIV prevention, testing, and treatment funding is channeled through the community-led organizations best placed to deliver concrete, population-specific interventions.

Formed in 2021, the Seven Alliance is a consortium comprising seven regional organizations: APCOM Foundation (APCOM), Asia Pacific Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS (APN+), Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers (APNSW), Asia Pacific Transgender Network (APTN), International Community of Women Living with HIV in Asia Pacific (ICWAP), Network of Asian People who Use Drugs (NAPUD) and Youth LEAD. 

The first joint work of the Seven Alliance is to promote effective community leadership and to advocate for community-led monitoring (CLM) as a critical component of community-led responses to HIV/AIDS. 

CLM involves empowering key population communities to monitor and report on service delivery access and quality issues at regional and country levels within the Asia Pacific region.

Building on this momentum and responding to the needs in the region, the Seven Alliance, in partnership with the UNAIDS Regional Support Team for Asia and the Pacific, is organizing the 2nd Regional Workshop on CLM this week with representatives and development partners from 12 countries. 

Since 2010, there has been just a 14% reduction in new infections for the region as a whole, with rising epidemics in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, and the Philippines. A quarter (26%) of new infections are among young key populations, ages 15 – 24. Almost half (46%) of all new infections were among men who have sex with men.

The Seven Alliance is ready to take the leadership role to tackle the epidemic in partnership with you all. 

Thank you.

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