Building Community Resiliency Through Expanding Influence

By March 15, 2024 Learning

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) emphasise partnership and cooperation as the key to success. The SDGs are unique in that they cover issues that affect us all while making sure no one is left behind.

In the first changing environment, the community will need to rethink its partnership strategy and expand its influence into other sectors that it may not be used to working with yet. However it is a seed that must be sown in order to ensure resilience. Community must be empowered to take the initiative to start approaching different sectors and find ways to collaborate for raising awareness, influencing policies and practices, and also fundraising.

However, different sectors work differently, use different language and have different expectations for partnerships. This session will unpack some of the insider’s do’s and don’ts as well as recommendation on how to approach other sectors. Speakers include representatives from the NHRI, Arts & Culture and Corporate sectors. And there’ll insights from a community organisation that has grown its influence through community mobilisation effort.

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