Meeting with KP representatives and community focal points

By March 10, 2020 Newsroom, Regional, Showcase

20 December 2019, Phnom Penh – Cambodia. KHANA, country partner organization of APCOM under the GF TA programme (funded through Mpact), conducted pre meetings for KP representatives and community focal points to help them prepare quarterly Country Coordinating Committee (CCC) meetings. This meeting intended to explore ways to amplify the voice of communities and focal points; empower KP representatives to take active participation in quarterly CCC meetings; and gather and raise community needs in the CCC meetings.

In the beginning of fourth quarter of 2019, KHANA received a request from KP representatives and community focal points to conduct pre-meeting before quarterly CCC meeting (held on 23 December 2019). To meet their needs, with support from APCOM, KHANA conducted pre-CCC meeting with KP representatives and community focal points to provide them an overview about the CCC structure, and discuss crucial issues to be highlighted at the quarterly CCC meeting. This meeting had 17 participants: three KP representatives of CCC, nine provincial focal points, three representatives from CSO, and two staff from KHANA.

During this meeting, community focal points voiced their opinions around:

  1. Strengthening organizational development and individual performance of KP network members
  2. Strengthening capacity of civil society and community-based organization executive committees, secretariats, and core members
  3. Supporting KPs to meaningfully engage in GF activities and meetings 
  4. Amplifying the voice of communities
  5. Improving coordination, collaboration, and partnership between government, civil society, and key partners

This meeting provided space to KP representatives to freely raise their opinions. In addition, the KP representative developed key messages for the CCC meetings. The KP representatives aims to present key messages in the CCC meeting on 23 December 2019.

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