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APCOM is a community-led regional network working to improve the health and rights of gay men, other MSM and community of diverse sexual orientation and gender identity. APCOM is one of the few community-based organizations in Asia Pacific that is pre-approved to provide technical assistance in Health and Human Rights Issues through the Strategic Initiative of the Community, Rights and Gender (CRG) Department of The Global Fund. See list here.

Through over a decade of community engagement, we highlight organisational and individual capacities as indispensable elements of effective responses to HIV and human rights, and meaningful engagements in political discussions and decision-making. Our diverse range of technical expertise can be found here.

Demand Generation to increase uptake of HIV services

APCOM is providing expertise using lessons learned and good practices from the regional city-based testXXX online campaign in reaching out to MSM, especially young MSM, who are hard-to-reach through conventional HIV outreach interventions. With testBKK as the pilot site launched in 2014, we have now expanded to Indonesia (testJKT and testJOG ), Hong Kong (testHKG), the Philippines (testMNL) Vietnam (testSGN). This year, our technical assistance enabled community organisation in Mongolia to launch the test4UB campaign.

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Community Capacity Assessment and Strengthening

JumpStart is APCOM’s flagship capacity strengthening program for community organisations. We work to improve, and build on an organisation’s existing management and advocacy, while encouraging leadership for a community-led HIV response. Through this program, we developed The Rapid Assessment Apparatus (RapApp) and the Dissemination Plan Template (D-Plate). RapApp is an assessment tool The tool is developed to assess the core competencies of an organisation or network against the given technical, programmatic and organisational areas including but not limited to Governance and Strategy, Management, External Partnerships, and Program and Technical Capacity. The D-Plate assists community organisations to utilise strategic information in conducting more systematic and planned advocacy.

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To learn more about the Global Fund Community, Rights & Gender Technical Assistance Program and make a request for technical support please click here.

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