Profiling Persatuan Insaf Murni Malaysia

By June 25, 2024 Newsroom
Training of Trainers for the community led by our staff

What do we do

Some of the things we would like to highlight are: 

  • As a leading harm reduction program in Kuala Lumpur/Selangor area, we cover various key populations including PWUD, PLHIV, MSM, and TG,
  • On World AIDS Day 2023, we collaborated with religious departments to talk about PWUD in the mosque compound

We engaged with stakeholders locally and internationally, for example on 18-19 May 2024 we had a National Drug Policy Consultation Workshop with the Community. The discussion was among NGOs under the Malaysian AIDS Council (MAC) on decriminalisation and moving forward on the options for model of care. 

Advocacy Activities through Stakeholders Engagement

What’s challenging about our work is that there is a high stigma and discrimination associated with PWUDs which hinder our outreach, services and operations. Criminalising policy also impacts the care of PWUDs. However, we have strong support from the Ministry of Health in easing the access for consultation e.g. treatment such as methadone, HIV, Hep C, strong NGO networks for referrals, and financial support from religious departments for harm reduction activities. 

On the Global Day of Action for the Support. Don’t Punish campaign, IM together with clients and communities will be forming a theatre team for public showcase with themes related to issues encountered by PWUDs and their families.

Advocacy Activities through Arts

Meet the people behind Persatuan Insaf Murni Malaysia

Dr Iqa Mohd Salleh
EXCO Member

Iqa Mohd Salleh, PhD is an Exco Member at Insaf Murni and Senior Lecturer at the University of Malaya. Her research on drug use and HIV is informed by sociological perspectives which framed the research questions within a wider social, policy and economic environment.  She engages with local communities of PWUD and NGOS that serve this group using a community-based participatory approach.

Abdul Muizz Jailani
Former Manager

Muizz has been working with key populations at risk of HIV/AIDS and Harm Reduction for more than a decade. His vast experience in programmatic work and advocacy has contributed to the success of community-based projects, addressing the needs of marginalized groups, representing the organisation locally and regionally. Previously working at Insaf Murni as a Manager, he is now serving as a Regional Coordinator for the national HIV prevention program at the Malaysian AIDS Foundation.

Siti Rosyati
Former Program Manager

Rosyati has been working with key populations at risk of HIV/AIDS for more than a decade. Her vast experience in programmatic work has contributed towards the success of the current community-based project that highlights the needs of women and young people who use drugs. Previously working at Insaf Murni as a Program Manager for MSM community, she is now serving as an Assistant Manager, Grant Management at the Malaysian AIDS Foundation.

Afiq Khairi
General Manager

Afiq Khairi has been with Insaf Murni since 2015, initially serving as Finance Manager. In 2023, he was appointed General Manager, where he now oversees the management of HIV harm reduction programs. Known for his versatility, Afiq is adept at engaging and working with all key populations to drive impactful initiatives.

Dr Muhammad Khairul Asraf Bin Shah Nizamuddin
EXCO Member,
Former Project Officer

Dr Khairul served as a Project Officer and Communication Officer at the Insaf Murni, where he led the INSPIRE project, advocating for women and young people affected by drug policies across Southeast Asia. He engaged with various stakeholders to plan and implement culturally appropriate initiatives, and designed advocacy tools to influence policy reform. He also presented findings at international conferences, conducted comprehensive research, and managed effective internal and external communication.

About Insaf Murni

Persatuan Insaf Murni Malaysia is committed to combating drug addiction through comprehensive care, research, and awareness initiatives. 

We provide medical treatment, psychosocial and spiritual rehabilitation for those affected by drug addiction, including individuals with HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, and other STIs. 

Our services include shelter and job opportunities to help improve the economic well-being of residents battling addiction. 

We collaborate with authorities and other NGOs to refer addiction cases to relevant experts, fostering love, understanding, and empathy among drug users and their families. 

We also mentor individuals to prevent relapse, disseminating information on the dangers of drug addiction to targeted groups. Our professional members offer counseling and psychosocial treatment to patients and their families, supporting both short-term and long-term recovery journeys. 

We aims to reduce the stigma around drug addiction, empower individuals to lead healthy, productive lives, and mitigate the harmful consequences of drug addiction.

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