Report Back from the 53rd UNAIDS PCB Meeting (12-14 December 2024, Geneva) 

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“The NGO Delegation urged the PCB members to step up in the political will and investment to truly ‘Let Communities Lead’ so that by 2025, communities will deliver the 30-60-80 targets.”

Midnight, APCOM, Asia and the Pacific NGO Delegate 

Summary Bulletin of the 53rd UNAIDS PCB Meeting
by the NGO Delegation 

After every UNAIDS PCB meeting, the NGO Delegation does a summary bulletin to help civil society get a glimpse of the conversation that took place during the three days of the PCB meeting. 

The first day of the 53rd PCB meeting saw the Executive Director’s report and consideration of the NGO Delegation’s report on People living with HIV in humanitarian emergencies, as well as a keynote address on Leadership in the AIDS response by the First Lady of Namibia Monica Geingos. Day 1 also saw tense discussions begin on the follow-up to the thematic segment from the 52nd PCB meeting, which focussed on Priority and key populations, especially transgender people.

On the second day, the PCB discussed the 2024-2025 Workplan and Budget (UBRAF), as well as the UNAIDS Evaluation Annual Report and the Consultation on the follow-up to the 2023 ECOSOC Resolution, including the establishment of term limits and performance expectations for the UNAIDS Executive Director. Day 2 also covered procedural issues on the next PCB meetings, the Election of Officers, and the Renewal of terms for the UNAIDS Independent External Oversight Advisory Committee (IEOAC).

The third day was dedicated to a thematic segment on the topic of Testing and HIV, featuring speakers from civil society and communities, national governments, UNAIDS and its co-sponsors, and academia. The latter part of day three then returned to unresolved decision points, specifically on the thematic segment of the 52nd PCB meeting, culminating in adopting a set of decisions to increase access to HIV prevention, testing, treatment, and other social protection services for transgender people.

NGO Delegation Report Back Webinar

In addition to the Summary Bulletin, the NGO Delegation also conducted two Global Webinars for civil society, where we reflected on the outcomes of the 53rd PCB meeting and anticipated the upcoming 54th PCB meeting.

If you weren’t able to join the webinars, you can watch the two recordings here:

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