Solidarity In The Pandemic

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Teguh Affandi, Executive Board Member, Suara Kita

Since February 2020, Covid-19 has infected at least 6,760 people in Indonesia. The situation forced  officials to impose stricter rules on social distancing to address the infection rate. The uncertain situation and the responses put in place to address it, affects every citizen, including LGBTQI people.

To contribute to addressing the effects of Covid19, Suara Kita, an LGBTQI organization based in Indonesia started a fundraising initiative by selling preloved bags and clothes. Suara Kita will give the profit to the LGBTQI people who are most affected by the pandemic. Hartoyo, Chairperson of Suara Kita stated on his Facebook, “The pandemic makes a lot of people lose their job, especially for those whose work that require being outdoor.

Some bags from donation than have been being cleaned

Suara Kita began this initiative by making the call for donations online within its circle. After the announcement, Suara Kita mostly got pre-loved fashion products, including bags and clothes. Suara Kita then coordinated with, and asked representatives from Warna Sehati Depok, Srikandi Patriot, and FKTBB Tangerang, the transgender community of Depok, Bekasi, and Tangerang. Representatives from these organizations were the person in charge of the initiative. The products donated products were put on sale twice a week.

The selling started on March 31th, using an online platform.  As of April 21, the drive has collected 10,450,000 rupiahs (USD669.00).  The funds generated thru this activity have been used to buy basic food supplies, hand sanitizers and masks.  These were distributed to to 75 LGBTQI individual in three cities: Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi. Suara Kita also supports the Kitchen in East  Jakarta by providing free food from the sales.

The Kitchen

Hartoyo stated that the crowdfunding not only for raise money, but also to contribute in developing solidarity among the community.

The initiative will continue until the pandemic ends.

For those who are interested to support this fundraising activity, please get in touch with Suara Kita via their Facebook account or via their email: [email protected]

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