Spotlight: The Poz Home Centre Foundation, Thailand

By April 30, 2013 Regional
The Poz Home Center Foundation

The Poz Home Center Foundation (The Poz Home), was established in 2005, and is the only care and support community-based organisation, providing services for MSM, transgender individuals living in Bangkok, Thailand.

Their service provides members and individuals with a drop in center, home visits, telephone support and advice, peer-based one-to-one support and case coordination, group workshops, social gatherings, cultural events and educational programmes.

One of the most used services is the Three Hearts Programme – which provided case coordination between the hospital and the home, as well as peer-based programmes for MSM and transgender people (including MSM and transgender sex workers), who are living with HIV.  The aim of this programme is to prevent MSM and transgender people living with HIV from ‘falling through the gaps’ between community and hospital services.

This simple yet effective client pathway service provides a good model for incorporating outreach and in-reach services to clinics and hospitals which acknowledge and create a sense of trust between the Three Hearts Programme in case coordination system; clients, Poz Home staff and volunteers, and external service providers. Over many years, the Poz Home Center have built strong relationships across private, specialist and government clinics and hospitals so that PLHIV, and particularly MSM and transgender people affected by HIV, will have access to services without experiencing stigma and discrimination.

If you would like more information about The Poz Home Center Foundation, contact:

Telephone +66 (0)2 747 5638-9

Email: [email protected]



If you would like more information on other countries and territories throughout Asia and the Pacific including most recent HIV surveillance data and information on the legal environments for MSM and transgender people, please follow the link to the MSM Country Snapshot Series.

Photo Caption: A photo about the Three Hearts Programme, one of the many services offered by the Poz Home.

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