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By May 23, 2024 Advocacy, Regional

Statement by the NGO Delegation on agenda item 1.3
Report by the Executive Director

Thank you, Chair.

I speak on behalf of the NGO Delegation, emphasizing the critical points in the Executive Director’s report and our delegation’s perspectives. We align with the report’s urgency for investment, recognizing that achieving the 2025 targets in knowledge, treatment, prevention, and community-led services is pivotal. This necessitates enhanced funding, unwavering political support, and commitment to legal reforms and stigma reduction.

Members of the Programme Coordinating Board, we desperately need a step up in the political will and investment to Let Communities Lead. It’s imperative to empower communities, particularly in decision-making, to sustain the HIV response effectively, especially the 30-80-60 targets adopted by member states in the Global AIDS strategy and 2021 HLM Political Declaration – that by 2025, communities will deliver

  • 30% of testing and treatment services, 
  • 80% of HIV prevention services and 
  • 60% of programs supporting the achievement of societal enablers. 

However, current budgetary limitations resulting from an underfunded UBRAF and regulatory challenges severely impact our ability to lead, threatening the achievement of the 2025 targets, including undermining the UN PCB’s unique composition. The NGO Delegation and the Communication and Consultation Facility (CCF) face a funding gap of USD 200,000 for 2024-2025. This shortfall hinders our pivotal role in bridging policy-making and the realities of those affected by HIV/AIDS, risking the silencing of crucial voices in the global HIV/AIDS discourse. 

We urge Member States and donors to address this funding gap, enabling and empowering communities to prevent and respond to future pandemics. Investments in communities are investments in the sustainability of the HIV response post-2030. We stand by the vision of letting communities lead, advocating for a more inclusive, community-driven approach in the global fight against HIV/AIDS.

We ask you to Let Communities Lead

Thank you.

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Senior Advisor – Gender and Inclusion
International Planned Parenthood Federation
New Delhi, India

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Executive Director
Bangkok, Thailand

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