Thailand PRIDE Festival is coming back on 24-26 November 2023

By September 8, 2023 Advocacy, Showcase

Save the date 24 – 26 November 2023 

As the hype of LGBTQI movement in Thailand is becoming more popular and visible, the coalition of LGBTQI groups, a network of individuals and community-based organizations working to improve the human rights of LGBTQI community for decades, are hosting the 2nd Thailand PRIDE Festival 2023 during 24-26 November 2023 in Bangkok.

Under the concept “My PRIDE Everyday”, the festival wants to raise awareness that diversity and inclusion are beautiful, and that we strive for equality and rights every single day, not only in the international Pride month in June.

“Thailand PRIDE Festival 2023 is about celebrating diversity every day, advocating for equality and rights beyond pride month.Your support shines upon those tirelessly advocating for our communities in Thailand and in the region.”

Naphat Krutthai, SOGIESC Inclusion and Corporate Engagement Officer, APCOM, member of the Thailand LGBTQI coalition 

Furthermore, the festival will expand into diversity and inclusion beyond LGBTQI target groups, including other vulnerable and marginalized populations, according to the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 of “leaving no one behind”. Leaving no one behind means social inclusion, which leads to ensuring their visibility and participation. To achieve this, various stakeholders and sectors working on intersectionality issues covering LGBTQI rights, sex work, and HIV will join a hand and make this Thailand PRIDE Festival possible as “My PRIDE Eveyday”.

“Thailand PRIDE Festival will help raise awareness and ensure that it is a safe space with the ability to represent ourselves. Thailand is perceived as a paradise for LGBTQI+ individuals, but there are no equal rights. This event will emphasize identities and lead to policy advocacy.

Noppanai (Caesar) Rittiwong, Deputy Director of Communications and Resource Mobilization, RSAT, member of the Thailand LGBTQI coalition

“Sex workers still do not have full pride yet. They still face stigmatization at different levels. The Thailand PRIDE Festival will give sex workers pride and visibility because laws still criminalize them, and they do not receive respect. The event will be one of the spaces for sex workers to represent their identities and fully say ‘sex work is work.”

Chamrong Phaengnongyang, Deputy Executive Director, SWING, member of the Thailand LGBTQI coalition

“Local people will not really know what PRIDE is. Therefore, Pink Monkey tried to integrate PRIDE with existing traditions to advocate for the HIV prevention campaign. We used to organize a PRIDE parade on Loy Krathong’s day making banners campaigning for marriage equality, HIV discrimination, and then we distributed condoms there.”

Choovit Thongbai, Executive Director, Pink Monkey, member of the Thailand LGBTQI coalition

The Thailand PRIDE Festival 2023 takes place over 3 days with various fun activities including LGBTQI movie screening, fun run, marketplace, mini concert, and panel discussions and workshops. The highlight is the charity fun run or “My PRIDE Every Run” – a mini marathon which anyone can join and wear whatever they like to show their PRIDE. Come in a dress, suit, sportswear, evening gown, or just shorts or jeans whatever they prefer to be themselves in order to walk or run to reach the finish line, and bring your friends and family. The importance of this activity is not just about sport, it is also about engaging the public to raise awareness for LGBTQI community in Thailand.

To highlight a few of each day’s activities.

  • 24 November 2023: HERO Awards 2023 and After Party at The Sukosol Hotel, Bangkok
  • 25 November 2023: “My PRIDE Everyday Movie” at Doc Club & Pub, Bangkok
  • 26 November 2023: “My PRIDE Everyday Run” at TBC, Bangkok 

“On behalf of APCOM Foundation, I thank you all the various stakeholders who are supporting the upcoming HERO Awards and Thailand PRIDE Festival. These two events represent the diversity of LGBTQI+ individuals and the coming together of communities to work together with different sectors where we can all be proud of ourselves, our contribution and move forward on our collective aspiration for equity, dignity, and social justice for all.”

Somchai Promsombat, Vice-Chair APCOM Foundation

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