Two New NGO Delegates Join the UNAIDS PCB

By May 23, 2024 Advocacy, Regional

The NGO Delegation warmly welcomes Shamin Mohamed Jr., the representative for LetsStopAIDS, and Fionnuala Murphy, Head of Global Advocacy at Frontline AIDS, as the two incoming delegates for Europe and North America, respectively.

Shamin Mohamed Jr. – North America Delegate

Shamin Mohamed Jr., an eminent activist renowned for his substantial contributions to youth involvement in the global HIV response, founded LetsStopAIDS at the age of 15. This youth-driven Canadian charity, now the country’s largest Youth-HIV organization, operates in over 72 countries. Shamin’s leadership has expanded LetsStopAIDS’ reach, promoting comprehensive sexual health education and empowerment among youth aged 15 to 29.

Apart from his activism, Shamin is an accomplished entrepreneur and co-founder of DECIEM, a multinational skincare company. His diverse background in health sciences and business offers a unique perspective on policy development and program implementation, establishing him as a proven change-maker and thought leader.

Fionnuala Murphy – Europe Delegate

Fionnuala Murphy, with two decades of experience in campaigns and advocacy on HIV, human rights, and gender justice, brings her expertise as the Head of Global Advocacy at Frontline AIDS. Her work has yielded significant wins: inequitable access to HIV medicines, COVID-19 technologies, and commitments to harm reduction.

Growing up in Northern Ireland amidst conflict and colonialism, Fionnuala draws upon her personal experiences to shape her advocacy approaches. Her educational background in Law and Journalism enhances her ability to foster impactful partnerships and advocate for marginalized communities.

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