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By September 24, 2020 Newsroom, Prevention, Regional

Meet APCOM Experts  

Selvan Anthony

Programmes Officer: Community Based Monitoring

I am very excited about working so closely with the key communities in the country in the SKPA project. It brings an extra smile on my face – especially when I am regularly assisting communities for the roll-out of community-based monitoring and advocacy work in their countries. Community-based monitoring being a new concept is challenging and is interesting, and at the same time, it allows me to learn new things and adds my personal growth.”

“I started working with APCOM from 2015 – since then, being a family member of APCOM, I contribute to adding values in the life of men who have sex with men and the transgender community in the country – It makes me feels good. It motivates me to continue working in APCOM.  At the same time, I feel home when I am in the APCOM office. Here, my colleagues always support each other in their work and treat everyone equally.”

Selvan is from India and has been working with LGBT communities for almost 8 years. He has the passion to continue working with and for LGBT communities. He brings a wealth of experience in Monitoring and Evaluation of HIV service delivery programme funded under the Indian government and the Global Fund. Selvan holds Bachelor degree in Commerce from Mumbai University and Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource from Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research, Mumbai. Outside the working hours, he loves to discover and cook Indian dishes.

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