Massage for Mental Health: Self-care activity with the team

By October 9, 2023 Newsroom, Showcase


It was such a rush to try and get out of the office, as each of us was either trying to finish our light lunch and some trying to finish off their piece of work before the Grab taxis arrived. 

This is usually the scene that happens every last Friday of the month, where the APCOM team has an afternoon activity together, outside the office for our team’s mental health activity. 

“Are you also coming?” asked one of the staff. I looked back, puzzled and replied, “Of course, I am, why would I miss this?” Then I realised, I have missed a few of these due to travels and urgent deadlines, so it was unusual for the staff for me to join today. Though I feel it was such a privilege to take part in this team’s mental health activity. 

This was started way back in 2020 when Covid-19 hit us – and we started as a team to do monthly mental health activity together, and I am glad our team continues to do this. 

Khun A arranged for us to have a massage, Yo the owner used to work with SWING, Thailand’s leading sex worker organization, and his massage parlour – Indra Spa started 10 years ago. 

This is one of my favorite places to come and get a massage whenever I am in the area, and I get to catch up with Yo and other gossip in the area. 

“Hello everyone! Welcome to Indra Massage. My name is Yo, and I have a special package for you!” with a big smile, loud and sincere voice. Then started to ask each staff member what their preferred massage was and he instructed each of his staff to our staff. 

As per usual, Yo recommended for me to have a facial as well, “so you look younger and not so tired. You need a gold mask!” He signaled to one of the staff to do my foot massage, one for the facial, and another for a pedicure. 

The two hours went by so quickly, and I did fall asleep for a bit as the gold mask rested on my face. Other staff also got the facial treatment, others had soothing aromatherapy massage. 

“See! Your face looks so bright now, and you have lovely nails,” Yo complimented, as I came out from a slumber. 

It took us a while to arrange ourselves for the group photos inside and outside the massage parlor. 

We ended up at a cafe closeby to have tea, coffee and cake to round off a perfect afternoon. Thank you so much Yo and the staff at Indra Massage for the special hospitality, and thank you to Abhina, Bobo, Jim, P’A, Selvan, Shan, and Vaness for a memorable mental health experience! 

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